Friday, September 28, 2007


My husband broke the news last night that his commission + salary check he gets at the end of the month (he gets paid twice a month) is going to be a bit on the low side. (cough, cough) About $1K less then normal. Yeah not the news I wanted to hear but hey at least he's not just making his salary! We'd be royally screwed if that was the case! Easy way to put it is his total commission for the year outnumbers his total salary for the year. I think this is the least his 2nd month check has ever been honestly! So we'll be buckling down and there won't be much extra spending. Luckily I've paid for everything kid related except for Awana books and that'll be about $20. So there will be no eating out, I'll make sure to do as much as I can in one drive to town, groceries will be menu planned for sure unless I coupon and get goodies for next to nothing, Dominic and Alex might be taking quite a few sack lunches too. My kids better not be missing their buses this month either since that's a 8 minute highway drive to and back. Alex and I were going to be starting on some new Halloween crafts so some of that may be put on hold too. Luckily I bought materials the other day for our pumpkins we are making!

In other news I took this adorable video of Mia and Damien. I've talked about how close they are, well all of our kids are really close except when they fight over toys (who's doesn't do that?) but Mia and Damien share this certain camaraderie maybe because they are in the same room and speak the same baby language. All I know is Damien will always protect and be there for his little sister because he love her dearly!


Wendy said...

Too cute! My oldest just announced she is too big to share the bath with her sister. I miss the funny things they used to do. And the time saver of having them both in the tub @ the same time.

Rhonda said...

That video is adorable!!!!! I understand things being tight. I know you will get through it just fine!!!!

Lucia's Mom said...

WAY too cute. I can just imagine Damien in high school with any guy who goes near her. So adorable. She clearly adores him too.

Kristi Ann said...

That is the sweetest video ever.

Man you have some CUTE kiddos

I just cant get over how big Damien has gotten. I thought it was Dom for the first few seconds!!


I could eat them up!

Kbreints said...

Oh how cute is that video? Sam & Henry have a very similar interaction... Sam always wants to grab his (or anyone's) Face-- Must be the age!