Friday, October 05, 2007

Dominic did great at Awana this week! His senses were in overdrive last week causing everything to be way too loud. Did you read my new post here yet? This week at Awana though, he did crafts, tried memorizing a verse and laughed at Cubbie the puppet they tell us! Dave and I tended to our class kids the whole night and it was the first night of Store so I knew it was about to get ugly. Sure enough the kids were trying anything in their power for us to sign that they memorized their verses. It was hard telling them sorry and to keep working. One girl I had totally fell apart. What do you do?! Well for me with how attached I am to kids, I tried comforting her the best I could telling her she just needed to work some more and I would help her. For the guy I was working with named Tim, she was just being a bit too emotional and he told me I "shouldn't baby them so much." Hmmm. "Well,"I told him, "I did Awana as a kid and I remember being her." It is hard especially when you want a buck soooo bad! So the night went on and she continued to be devastated sulking in the corner. Finally we went to the sanctuary waiting for parents when Alex came in with her class and you could tell she had been crying. (sigh) My poor child thought she could whip out John 3:16 get a few bucks and go shopping that night and she failed. I tried explaining that she was going to have to work a little bit to get the bucks and we'd make sure to add it to our nightly routine to say her verses nightly before bed so that when she goes Wednesday that buck will be her's.

Yesterday Mia had a temp but otherwise had been acting well. No tummy bug, snotty nose or anything so I'm thinking teething. I felt awful leaving her though to do our Brownie meeting. I came home right after we locked the door at the library and she seemed to be doing ok. She's acting fine, just tired for the most part and taking about 3 more naps then normal. Her moaning last night along with how hot she was to touch caused me to bring her to our bed and we cuddled during the night as she kept throwing her cold wash cloth back at me when I put it on her head. 103.4 was not going to take away her spunkiness. By 10 this morning her fever broke and she was covered in sweat but still ready to army crawl and play like normal. And now here we are at 5 and she's getting hot again but pulling my hair playing as I'm writing this. I chose not to take her to the Dr but if her temp does go any higher I'll take her to the ER. For now though I'm giving her cool baths and rotating the Tylenol and Motrin. Alex is cheerleading tonight at the highschool game and we have 2 soccer games tomorrow so I hope it's gone soon!


Wendy said...

We had Cubbies and TT game time. I tell you by the time we were done I needed a break! It is hard for the kids. But please, they are little kids. I don't think you can baby them too much. I am with you. It's not like they're studying for the Bar. Some people!

Rhonda said...

Comfort those kids at Awana all you want!!!