Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am in L O V E!

I think like most minivan moms, I'm always drooling over the latest and greatest features that Toyota, Ford, Honda, etc are all coming out with in their vans especially since mine is 4 years old now. I cried to Dave when I couldn't have a "Magic bus" Sienna, I was MAD when I bought my Windstar and then the 04 Caravans and Freestar had Stow n Go. But when I saw the new commercials last night for the new 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan oh wow! All the great new features I don't have plus a few dozen more new ones!! Swivel seats and a table so the kids can face each other and play? A built in sun guard you can pull down for the little ones so they aren't blinded by the sun?? The MP3 jack, Blue tooth, along with a double entertainment system with Sirius Satellite TV for the kids! AND the feature I could have used last month.....a back up camera so you won't hit anyone or anything behind you. (Did I mention that I ran over Alex's bike?) But anyways, I'm about 2 seconds from racing down to my Dodge dealership.......once I get Dave on board. See, our van is almost paid off and as soon we get our tax return next year, we'll owe nothing on vehicles and only owe on the house which is awesome but STILL! I hate it when they blast these awesome minivans on TV and I can't have one "because he said so."
But I will continue to work on him like always and beg and plead and he'll continue to say no. It's ok though, my kids have been drooling along with me looking at all the pictures on Dodge's site. I'll let them do all the dirty work for me.


Kbreints said...

Ok-- I am not like you... Dan has been beggin ME to become a minivan Mom. I am not yet at the point where I am ready to drive one at all-- but I DID see that commercial and I said to Dan-- you buy me that, and I will drive it..

He said... It is $36,000 dollars!

And I said-- Oh well!!

Rhonda said...

COOL!!!!!!! My van is only 2 years old.... I have no hope of getting a new one yet! Good luck!

Sabrina said...

Begging all day has got me no where but to have Dave tell me if I'm serious I'd better start my daycare back up. (sigh)

$36K is only a little more then what our Ford Windstar MSRP was. It was right at $30K. Tell Dan it's totally worth it! lol

Rhonda- aww that stinks. Well maybe in a few years they'll have more cool features although I can't think of anything else they could possibly add to these vans besides a toilet. LOL

Veronica said...

I hear ya! I looked at a brand new 2008 Caravan last month before we bought our Sienna and I was drooling. Just couldn't justify the 33K they were asking!!

Tuesday Girl said...

I have to get a minivan and I hate the entire idea of it.
I will boohoo it all the way down to the car dealer.

Wendy said...

My precious. I want!!! But knowing my luck, my kids would get sick riding backwards and I would be cleaning up vomit off my 36K pimped out mini van. :)