Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am going downhill again with Dominic and I just found out yesterday that Damien's speech issues may be alittle more serious then what I thought. Right now with Damien and his problems and then Dominic and his, I feel like I'm drowning would be the best way I could put it.

The past week the teachers in Dominic's class have been telling me he's not enjoying school, being difficult, spacing off, etc. Well it's not just at school, it's happening at home too. He's been yelling and fighting more with us, everything is either itching him or too loud, and he's broke out into (as I call it) a goose bump rash all over his chest. I just don't know what to think anymore. The kicker was yesterday when Damien's Speech Path came to work with him. Since Dominic is in school in the mornings I have asked them to come then so he's not distracted. Linda doesn't have any morning slots so she comes at 12:45 when Dominic has just got home. Well yesterday all hell broke loose. Dominic wanted to play with all the gadgets for training Damien's mouth so she told me she didn't mind working with both boys which was fine with me, I just didn't want Dominic in the way. Well he did pretty good until we did some constructive play with trucks and then Dominic started throwing a fit since I asked him to share. Then Damien started screaming "YESS!!" back at him holding out his hands that they were his toys. I was in a daze like usual when they do this at home. Long story short she ended up seeing Dominic flop around like a fish kicking me, screaming, getting ready to bite my leg, etc. I finally put him in his room where he kicked the door like crazy wailing and finally after 5 minutes I told him he could come out if he was good. She asked if he normally acted like this and I told her how the past 2 weeks it's gotten really bad. They normally have spats but they've gotten worse especially him throwing objects and hitting again. She's going to tell him lady at the agency how things have been at home too and see if she wants to come by and observe since she observed alittle more than I wish she had!

Damien ended up yesterday with some new gadgets to help "wake up his mouth" as they put it. They are toys for him to put in his mouth and hopefully it'll help train his mouth how to talk. Don't ask me how because I'm just learning myself. Somehow the vibrations and pokey feels help. I tried biting the therapy vibrator (yep that's what it is!) and I let go after a second because it was very annoying. He however hangs on and bites it for minutes at a time!

It's funny because in public I am in control but at home it's a disaster. I take them all 4 with me all the time with no problems why can't that be the same here? It was a sad moment for me having her see the boys and how they act at home. Now that Damien is getting older and able to handle himself more, his attitude is copying Dominic more and more by the day. He's pushing, hitting, yelling, throwing, etc. I have had more drinks and food dropped on purpose lately just to see my reaction. I'm trying my best but I really feel like things are never going to get better. As she put it "you guys need to be good so you don't put your mommy in a grave!"


Jess T said...

I'm sorry you are going through this right now. :( I hope things turn upward soon.

Rhonda said...

Oh Sabrina!!! I am so sorry!! I can't imagine going through all of that!! I hope you get some help soon and that things get better!

Kbreints said...

You are so good to take all four out with you! I have a heart attack if I hae to take the two out to the store... it usually is fine, but I would much rather go alone! Btw-- thanks for linking me! Good to know you are reading! I will do the same for you!

Lucia's Mom said...

Sabrina - you are amazing. Having Lucia in a store is me trying to clean up after she starts trashing shelves before I have a stroke or she starts screaming, or both. She's a lot better at home.

Have you tried working on Dominic's diet? I think diet is supposed to make a big difference in kids moods when they're having difficulties like you're describing. The problem is that trying to change their diet might result in them not liking the change! Do they take vitamins?