Monday, October 01, 2007

She Sips.....She Scores!!!

Well if ya hadn't noticed (pretty obvious!) I played this morning and changed the look here! But, I lost all my links and such on the side so I hope to evenutally get that fixed although I'm not sure how!

Well my biggest news of the weekend is that lil Miss Mia is drinking from a sippy cup! She just sorta took off on the idea after she's been crawling to Damien's and drinking them in the front room! She's not even 9 months yet! Now we just need to learn how to fix this new infant temper tantrum thing she's started. She's been watching Damien too much!

We had a pretty good weekend. Like most I consider Friday as the beginning..... after I come home from doing my volunteer work at the Elementary school. I usually only work for about a hour doing these Accelerated Reader tests. Well Friday was the last day for points and all the kids had read and were reading all morning and writing down books to get MORE points so they would get their McDonald's certificates. Their parents should be having them read nightly, not 10 books in one day. I was getting a bit perturbed to say the least. Not only were there about 12-15 folders with 2 tests each, they would go back read more books and throw their folders back in the pile! I was there for 2 hours reading questions clicking on answers. Some of the kids are just annoying and say "can you repeat that?" on every question. I was getting hoarse by the time I left! Then as soon as Alex walked in the door afterschool she was asking if we could put up the Halloween decorations since I promised. Gritting my teeth (because I always says in alittle bit and always put off everything she asks) I said "sure!" So I got everything out and we made a pumpkin patch in the front room, strung spider web and put some wood decorations ontop the TV, a huge hairy spider on the wall, a wreath on the door and a scarecrow outside. The kids are so excited!! When it's not so windy we'll put up our 2 blow up decorations on the front yard.

Then Saturday we had a whole agenda all planned out for the day! We left early to go to our town's chili festival and the kid's soccer games. After that there was a big anniversary thing going on at one of our golf courses and then the 4H carnival but we ended up missing them both because Dave's job title called. One of his employees was stranded on the highway because he fell asleep at the wheel and ran into the ditch with his work truck. The truck had to be towed, Dave had to drive him about 40 minutes to another town and finally came home around 5:30. After that mess we just decided to stay home for the evening. Saturday evening during dinner, Alex lost one of her front teeth! It's about time! That thing had been wiggling and moving for about a month. She's got a huge gap in her mouth now. I've been meaning to make her alittle tooth fairy pillow so we did that. There's a tooth on the front which is a pocket for her tooth to fit in. Well Dave brought it up after putting $1 in there and guess what! I lost the tooth. I have no idea what I did with it. I'm sure I'll find it eventually or she will and we'll have to tell her the tooth fairy must have dropped it.

Sunday we went to Church and then came home because the house was in some dire need of cleaning. We wanted to take all the kids to the pool to go swimming so we got dressed and went to the YMCA only to find out it was closed on Sundays. I have no idea why either! The kids were a bit sad but we found ways throughout the day to make it up to them. I hope everyone else had a great weekend! Did anything exciting happen your way?


Kristi Ann said...

Go mia!!!!

Man she is growing like a weed!!

Wendy said...

I think the YMCA closes on Sundays because it's a Christian organization. You have great kids, mine would have thrown a fit so loud they would have opened the pool just to shut them up!

Rhonda said...

I love the layout!!! I think our YMCA is open on Sundays. I have never thought to look! Yay for sippy cups!!!! :) Sorry Dave's job messed things up on Saturday.

We were a tad busy over the weekend. It was a good busy though!

Adam's Mom said...

I still can't get over you and CHURCH lmao LOL

Mia is so grown up what a doll!

And can you make your font larger for a blind girl? or I can dust off my glasses if not possible!

Miss you!