Friday, October 12, 2007

Just Too Nice I guess!

After the last post, I promise I will show you gals how to save some money. Let me get a few coupons and ads together from this week and show you. That way I can explain it all. I've even found some freebies!

Anyways- Today has been another one of those days. Not just the kids I should say. My house must have the sun rays from heaven shining on it constantly. Every house I have lived in, I have been the biggest Jehovah Witness magnet. My house must be a sign of some sort to where they see it and the song "Hallelujah" comes on and they announce "let's stop here!" Today I had another little visit by Loretta, a Jehovah Witness who I have received countless Awake and other publications from over the past three months. I think Loretta is really nice and I'm not going to scream to make her leave like most probably would but I've told her every visit that we attend our Baptist church every Wednesday and Sunday, but I will read the booklets because she has asked me to (although I don't believe it), it's interesting to read. lol Today she caught me in the middle of fixing Velvetta Mac and Cheese and Little Smokies for the kiddos for lunch. I politely told her I couldn't really talk at the moment (Mia was screaming in her chair for more bananas) so she dropped off more Awakes and left after about 5 minutes of chatting. My husband thinks I need to just tell her to buzz off or that I'm Gay. (Like THAT's believable! LOL) Anyways~ I'm not sure how to get her to understand that I am fully involved with our church and I don't mind her stopping by but she's not going to get anywhere. Every Christian (are they classified Christians?), whatever denomination believes in One God/One Spirit so I don't know the easy way to say I really don't have time to talk and we get everything we need from our church. WWYD?


Rhonda said...

I talk to them too. So does my mom... Mom actually had one in for tea once... I am no help!

Wendy said...

I live in Utah, the king of selling your religion door-to-door. I calmly tell them that I will not convert them and they will not convert me so we should like the Holy Spirit decide which heart He will soften. I say thank you and close the door. You get better at it when you've done it a few times. :)

They always come at the most horrid moments, don't they? It's like they have radar to tell them when you're at your wits end.

Kristi Ann said...

I am no help either,

I actually got stuck on the side of a road while taking a walk talking to 2 of them for OVER and hour. I tried to leave about 50 times, and (though they were nice) they were not about to let me go until I took their pamplets(sp)and listened to their "spiel".

We have a "hall" about 3 miles I am expecting one here ANY day! :)

I dont think its necessary to be mean, but you DO have to be firm in explaining that you appreciate their religion, but you have your own. I like what Wendy said! :)

Good luck with THAT! :)

jude said...

okay maybe I'm the bad one here. But they have only come to my door twice. Once when K was home. They know is truck and will not come around when they see it. LOL. I even told K off for his actions. Won't get into it.
When they showed up when it was just me I told them that if it was not for blood transfusions and such that I would not be here, my parents would not be here,MIL would not be here, SIL would not be here and I would never have had the oportunity to meet my sister. So all in all I told them that I was Christian Reformed and they were not going to change my views I was not going to take their pamphlet and that they should try converting someone else. I was a little harsh at the end cause they kept interupting me but I wanted to get my point across. As well they alway's show up the day before or the day after christmas and easter. It would be different if it was in the middle of the summer or something. not during the most important dates in Christian history.