Monday, October 15, 2007

All Better....I hope!

Jenn- I first wanted to say THANK YOU for the box tops this week! My daughter was so excited when I told her the envelope was for her!

Poor Mia. The child has been a nightmare the past two weeks. The screaming....the crying...the insanity!!! First was the 103.4 + temps, then it was the double ear infection, then diahrea and now thanks to Omnicef she is fighting a yeast infection. I noticed Friday she was red all over the little "taco" area and started treating it like a diaper rash but then the bumps started and I knew we had a bigger issue to address. I called the Ped on Saturday morning and they called out a script of Nystatin Ointment. Every potty or poop diaper diaper she screamed and cried. When I'd change her she'd keep crying and start this "har har" type laugh almost nervous like. It's hilarious! She seems to be doing better today and her area down there is clearing up quickly.

We had another uneventful weekend. Mainly due to lots of rain. We cleaned the garage and went to church. Have you ever been listening to a sermon and then wanted to kick your husband in the leg like "did you hear that? Did ja??" Well this week our message was over Isaiah 43:18-19. It basically starts by "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past........" Well, Dave has been all upset with me this weekend because I messaged a friend from highschool on MySpace and asked if he would be interested in doing some electrical work here. There was nothing between us but friends back in highschool I was always at his apartment, etc but I do know he would have probably liked more. He actually was the school drug dealer to tell the truth but he is NOTHING like that now. When we had kids, all illegal activities were stopped and he has done the same. lol So like I said he's nothing like that now but still Dave doesn't want him coming around here. Now that he's responded back with "yeah sure when do want me to come by?" I'm unsure if I should just go ahead and finish pissing Dave off by having him over or tell him I'll get back to him.

In other news.... I found some freebies this morning I thought I'd share. Our mail lady probably thinks I'm a loopy nutjob because of all the samples I get daily. Got 2 sample packs of the Nabisco Garden Harvest crackers this weekend and ate them on the way to the soccer games. They are SUPER YUMMY! They contain 1/2 a serving of fruit or vegatables in so many chips. We got the Veggie and Apple. My kids preferred the Veggie!! Free Jergens Lotion Free Carmex Free Tylenol Carnation Instant Breakfast.


Jennifer Applin said...

Hi Sabrina!

I tagged you for this Conscious Consumer Meme if you're interested :-)

Kbreints said...

I love your feebies!! Thanks!! what a great idea! Thanks for the links... I did them all! I am sorry to hear about your sick kiddos... I hope that yours start to feel better soon!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the feebies! I am starting a "coupon club" with our newspaper so maybe I can save a few bucks that way. Sorry to hear about your little one. Poor girl. If it's not one thing it's another right?