Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Savings Right Under Our Noses....

I said the other day that I would try to post some deals and tell everyone how easy it is to get something for nothing. Well I'll try to give some pointers I've picked up over the years. I am not as good as some out there. I just do what I can when I have time.
  1. Always compare sale fliers to use with your coupons. You would not believe how many people think B1G1F is a good deal and totally forget "hey I may have a coupon for that!"

  2. If your grocer does the specials for the print out coupons from the register....DO THEM! For example, I bought baby food awhile back and used some coupons but the signs said something like "buy 8 and get .75 cents off your next purchase. You buy and get coupons off ANYTHING the next time around and you can do that multiple times and use your coupons for those things. Sometimes they'll say off a certain product, etc.

  3. Walgreens pays you to buy! I know CVS and Rite Aid do too but we don't have either here in Kansas. Not only do they do the Easy Saver Rebates but you can use your coupons on the products too. Walgreens also does weekly coupons for their store and you can use manufacture coupons too for a double whammy which usually equals FREE.

  4. Keep your coupons filed and in your car at all times. I have a hard time luggin mine in but I tell ya, if I see a ton of something on clearance at Target on Toothpaste and I have coupons in my car you'd better believe I'll go to my car and drag my case in.

  5. Do rebates! Even though they are the biggest PITA, do them! There are places like Comp USA and others who are starting to do them online which is awesome.

  6. Kids love freebies so I often do the UPC deals for the kids. Kelloggs and Eggos have them often. These items are usually easy to find coupons to.

  7. Get All You magazine!! I swear they put top dollar coupons in there!!! Also Taste of Home, Family Circle and Redbook usually put an insert in their mags each month.

  8. Make time to look. I have no time during the day so usually cutting, sorting, scavaging for deals is done after the kid go down at 8.

Ok so here's some of my plays this week. PS: These are not THAT great but still good! First I got 2 rebate checks in the mail yesterday! $30 Whoo hoo!

Then here is my load from Target. 4 Purell- all free and actually my coupons were for more than each purell so I had about a .60 overage that was used towards the rest of my purchase. 8 bags of candy= $1 each, 2 Johnson Buddies Soaps = Free + .14, and Diego Sprinkler toy for next year $2.49. I used a gift card for the time they overcharged me which had $3.96 on it and my total with tax was $8.76!!

Next Walgreens. I bought 2 Four pack Scotts 1000 sheet TP for .50 a piece. I bought the Extra 8 pack gum packages 4 of them for FREE. I bought 2 Trident Splash for FREE. 6 Dark Chocolate M & M's= $1. 2 Hefty Zip sacks for $.89 cents each. Total = $4.76

So that's todays deals! I'm sure I'll have more later this week. My son (Damien) was just happy to have all the m & m's making todays trip quite easy! LOL!


Wendy said...

Do you find that certain brands or items go on sale more then others?

Great Job!

Sabrina said...

Wendy-Not that I can think of off the top of my head. On a normal day, I would not go buy all name brand things unless it was cheap like this. I always buy generic unless the price is cheaper with coupons. Like the halloween candy, If I was buying I would go to Dollar General because it's much more for alot less but this deal was too good to pass up. I used the $2 off 2 Target insert coupons plus they have them on sale for 2 for $4. The kids get soooo much candy as it is when we go trick or treating that I'm giving alot of this to our church for the Fall Festival.

I did forget to mention that by signing up for samples and freebies, they send coupons that aren't usually available in the sunday Smart Source and Valassis.

Jennifer said...

Wow! I wish we had those kind of deal up here in Canada!

Kristi Ann said...


Wanna come teach me how~


I'll take the kids for ya! :)

Kbreints said...

Amazing.. I am going to have to try better-- you make it look easy!