Monday, October 22, 2007

Maybe If We Were High, It Would Have Been More Fun?

Anyone looking a that picture has GOT to understand I was in a REALLY good mood yesterday........before showing up. I guess I just wanted to be a nice mom (don't we all?) and let the kids hang out at Chucky Cheese for 3 hours. 2 large knocked over pops, a panic attack from a missing boy, and 2 babies peed through pants later I was ready to kill myself for making such a bad split second decision. But hey! The kids were happy and that's all that matters right?? We wanted the kids to have one fun day with Daddy before he left on a business trip to Oklahoma. (He left me this morning for 3 days! Eek!) But I can say that even though the kids had me frazzled in Chucky Cheese, it was nice to run into Chrystal (a friend from Babycenter) Who would have guessed out of a city of over 350,000 people I would just bump into her there?! Talk about strange! We are going to take our total of 7 kids next Saturday to Exploration Place, a kid's museum. It's a much safer enviroment for parents too.

I was so exhausted from Chucky Cheese that I didn't get much else done in terms of shopping yesterday. I went to Sam's Club and spent $212 and World Market where I spent $40 for Gnocchi, Rosemary Grissini, and syrups for my Bellini Tea I am highly addicted too. I also bought some Veggie Chips, a platter of fortune cookies for the kids, and some Pita chips. Not much for $40!

Saturday was the last of our soccer season and I am so happy for that! We have too much going on right now. The kids are excited that I have said they can play in the Spring though. After the games we took the kids to a Spook Walk our Girl Scout Council was putting on at the campground. 4 of our troop girls showed so the kids had a blast together. It was fun but busy and us parents were ready to get out of there after 4 hours of kiddie mayhem plus we had to drive 30 minutes back home. Below are some pics from that. Sack races and Damien bowling.
Troop Girls and Dominic showing their pumpkin they made.
The kids did the "pumpkin walk" for like 30 minutes. It was the highlight of their day! lol
Dominic, Damien and Daddy on the hayride.
I thought Alex looked hilarious in those huge glasses. They were giving out old McDonald's toys. I'm guessing the American Idol promo didn't go so well there. lolCheetos!


Kbreints said...

Wow! You are brave taking 4 kiddos to chuck e cheese! Sensory overload! My mother used to volunteer at an explorationplace in Wichita... It is a great place!

Sabrina said...

When you said "Wichita" the other day on your blog, I wondered if you meant Kansas or Wichita Falls, Tx. lol I'm only about 40 minutes from Wichita so we're there all the time. We LOVE Exploration Place! Dominics fave spot is the minature exhibit. Since Chucky Cheese took so long the other day we're going to Exploration Place either this Saturday or Sunday so the kids are all excited. You'll have to let me know next time you are here!

Rhonda said...

I hate Chuck E Cheese too, but the kids love it. We brave it every few months!

The pics are great!