Monday, October 22, 2007

Sleeping Arrangements........Uncheck.

Not sure of a better way to put it, but Mia is a freakin brat. Since she had her ear infection 2 weeks ago she has been waking nightly and I'm talking like for 2 hours. It's hell since I'm the only one dealing with her and she's in the same room as Damien who I don't want her to wake up. I've tried putting her in bed with us, giving her a bottle, giving her 10 binkies, etc. She just won't go back to sleep. She goes into full blown growling temper tantrum mode when I try leaving her. I'll go back to bed and I'll hear her throwing her binkies out the bed, bouncing her bed by kicking her feet like mad, and growling like a dog. It's eerie how alike Alex and Mia look as babies but let me tell ya, they sure don't act alike! Alex was so layed back and quiet but Mia is loud and throws fits if she doesn't get her way. So now I'm stuck this morning trying to figure out if I should go look for bunk beds for the boys or wait this out. So far Damien has been ok with us putting him in the middle of the night on a fold out Sponge bob couch on the floor so we can let her growl it out. I've tried putting her in bed with us and she doesn't even want that and will do the same thing or hit us while we lay there trying to calm her. She doesn't cry in bed she just clenches her fists kicking and growling, arching her back and scooting all over. Eventually she may do her little "har har" nervous type growl cry as I call it but after throwing a fit for a hour she finally goes back to sleep. I am waking up exhausted!


Wendy said...

When TJ was born I was all into the co-sleeping arrangement just so I wouldn't have the nightmare that I had with the girls. But now I want my bed back and want to kick his little butt out. Sleeping problems suck because everyone suffers. :(

Anonymous said...

I don\'t know, Sabrina, had I posted something on the moms board about my kid being a freaking brat because she was not sleeping well, I think you would have pounced all over me. The hypocrisy is sort of stunning.