Friday, October 19, 2007

Believe me Dom, If I Would Have Known I Probably Wouldn't Have.

If you read the comments below, I explained some of this already. I took Dominic in for allergy testing yesterday. The psychologist we were dealing with about a year ago had told us that sometimes foods like Milk, eggs, Wheat etc. can cause behavioral problems in children. I'd heard it from several other moms so I thought we'd give it a shot. No one explained how traumatic allergy testing can be. Dominic was injected with these tiny pins in cylinders about 50 times. The first few he was like "oww" then "quit that" then about the 3rd or 4th poke it enraged him into a full blown fight like we were killing him. It was awful because he was screaming at me to make her stop and "mommy that hurts!". We had him facing me giving me a hug while I held his arms and then another nurse sat behind me and held his legs so he wouldn't kick the nurse infront of me administering the injections. It was just a sick sick feeling sitting there while they kept poking his back with those needles. Dave made the appointment so I had no idea what was going on and I had Mia and Damien with me so they watched the whole thing. Damien just stared with big ol' eyes and Mia was fussing on the floor. I didn't bring anything in since I thought it'd be a quick appointment and not 2.5 hrs. So by the time 2 hours rolled around I decided to buy TV for my cell phone through Alltel and the boys kept busy watching cartoons. (sigh) In the end we survived and he has no food allergies but seems to be really allergic to cats (huge ass hive right away!) then mold, dustmites, weeds, trees and grass. Anything enviromental is what his sheet says. I pretty much knew on the grasses since he has always had seasonal allergies but cats I had no idea. The last cat we had was before he was born so he's never been around them. Anyways the snoring continues and the allergist Dr has told us that his tonsils should probably just come out anyways from his sleep apnea episodes. She said even if it doesn't help with the behavioral problems it will help with several other things he's having issues with on the allergies, snoring and wetting the bed almost daily. So it's back to the ENT to figure how and when to do his tonsil surgery. She also gave me a contact that deals with behavioral issues (Adhd, Odd, Autism, Asperger's, SID) at a place called HeartSprings. We've been referred there before but I guess hoped we wouldn't have to go this far to find answers to help him.
Left side= Foods/ Right Side Animals and Enviromentals

I feel bad for putting him through all this stuff especially if it's unnecessary. I was hoping he would be allergic to a food and then this whole thing would be resolved.

Atleast by the end of the appointment he was doing alot better. Except for his itchy eyes and runny nose. :(


Tracy said...

Oh poor Dom and you for having to put him through that testing. I think I'd cry if I had to do it for Matty. I'm going to see an ENT tuesday for my tonsils and snoring etc. I hear it's alot worse to do it as an adult, so if they recommend it for him now I say do it since I've struggled my whole life expecting it to clear up and it's only gotten worse. Good luck with everything.

Adam's Mom said...

OUCHIE!!!!!!!!!! Poor Dom! I'm sorry you didn't get the answer you wanted!

Wendy said...

Poor guy! Wow...I had no idea they still did allergy testing like that. I had to have it done when I was a kid. You would think medicine would evolve a bit there. I am sorry the didn't have answers. How frustrating.

Lesley said...

My youngest son has really bumpy skin and it's been pretty much since he was a baby. It doesn't bother him at all but I'd like for it to clear up and have smooth skin. I was all set to book him for allergy testing to see if he's reacting to something but now I'm having doubts. I recently heard that you can have blood taken and that it can be tested for allergies. It's expensive but apparently they test for about 500 different things. I think I'll have to look into that one some more.