Monday, October 29, 2007

Picture Overload!

It's amazing how fast the weekend goes when you are busy. My backed up laundry? Still backed up. The house? Well I'll be home all week to work on it. lol We were gone nearly all weekend really for the heck of it. Saturday the kids spent hours upon hours at an indoor water park we have here in town and then that night my dad volunteered to watch the kids so we could go out for Dave's birthday. Well we had no idea WHAT to do with our free time so we ate out at our favorite mexican food restaraunt, went to a music/book store, and then Target! Then we went back! It was hilarious. We thought about venturing to a Spook house but didn't. So we picked the kids up at 10 and took them home to bed.

Sunday we went to church and then afterwards headed to Wichita where we took the kids yet again for another fun filled day at Exploration Place. I've shown pics before but it's a kid's museum but has something for everyone really. So we all had a fun afternon there then probably should have headed home but went shopping and then after eating at Olive Garden finally got on the road at 8 pm!! Uh yeah that's the kid's bedtime! It's a 45 minute drive to our house. Good thing was Mia and Damien fell asleep and we just transfered them to bed but Dominic and Alex took baths because I'm a germaphobic and with all the public toilets, toys and other things they had messed with earlier in the day they were taking showers.

I saw the most frightening thing yesterday when we were out. We pulled into Burlington Coat Factory and this old 70's Monte Carlo came speeding in and screwing around in the parking lot. Then we noticed a boy Dominic's age was sitting on this ladies lap as this black dude was racing the car around the parking lot gunning it and going in circles. I felt so sick.
Here's some pics from the past two days. All taken by cell phone so they aren't the greatest.
Dave took this picture Saturday morning when I went shopping for 3 hours by myself!
Dominic spent the afternoon showing everyone his crack. He's on his cousin smashing her. They love each other so much! lol

Damien's first time at the waterpark so he had a blast. Since it's in a hotel we don't go there much.

Alex shot so fast out of the slide I kept catching her in the water.

This is my neice Madison.

We have a space museum here so of course the water park is space themed. Dominic looks like a great astronaunt doesn't he? lol

That blur is supposed to be Alex.

Exploration place~ we had alot of fun sitting in this hand.

Alex making carbon nanos.

Damien listening about molocules.

Even Mia had a good time playing with all their toys in the tot room. This was her 2nd time to go but her first time to play! The hand again. It's in the Monkey King exhibit and I'm not sure what the meaning of it is.

Damien dumping chalk so he could scribble on the stone.

Peeking out the tee pee.

Smoke tornado. The kids love this thing because you can get inside of it.

Alex stepping in the tornado. Damien and I made this together while we watched ducks in the river.
Alex posing with the fossils in the archeology exhibit.
Dominic on a flight simulator. He would crash in about 1 minute after I would help him get it off the ground. Since Wichita is the "Air capital of the world" they a big flight department at the museum.
Dave was actually really good at driving a jet. He only crashed when I said time to go.
Damien wasn't real great at flying either. His airplane is going sideway here but it would also help if he paid attention. lol Of course we had to play with Thomas trains there. They have tables everywhere.

The boys racing the ride on toys down a ramp.

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Kristi Ann said...

Aww... I love the pictures. MIa is SUCH a doll!!!

Man, she is getting big! :) I love all the pictures....sure wish WE had a waterpark around here!

Its nice to have the lake, but we need something for these cold months since my kids are part fish!

Hope we can get together one day and let the kids run wild! LOL