Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Happy Halloween!

This Halloween went much smoother then the past years now that Dom and Alex are both in the same school (and the fact I have no daycare kids!) I still am abit nervous having teachers working with Dominic that don't exactly realize the severity of his issues but I do however like that they treat him more like a normal little guy. It's confusing I know. So this year both parties were at the same school which was great! Mia and Damien had a fancy time watching the costume parade and hung out in the double stroller just fine. I am the Room Mother for Alex's class this year so me and 3 other moms all showed to put on the party. I burnt off a CD full of Halloween music and had the kids do musical chairs like last year. They LOVE doing that! Then they ate cupcakes, drank kool aid, and opened all their goodie bags we made. After that I let them play this Halloween bean bag game I have and they had alot of fun with that as well. It's these parties and the AR testing I do when I realize I probably should look into teaching. I LOVE working with the kids! It so much fun and the love they give you back is just so sweet. School got out at 3:10 and we came home so I could clean a bit before leaving again.

At 3:45 pm, Dominic had me call Daddy's cell phone. "You better hurry up Daddy, it's Trick or Treat!" he said. He came home at 5 pm people! I was so happy! He tore himself away from whiney employees who need his directions on everything in life. He stopped by McDonalds on the way home but I totally forgot our church was serving a supper to everyone coming to fall festival. With 4 in costumes this year it took nearly a hour to get out the door. Damien kept trying to take off his costume, Mia wanted to sleep, and Alex was feeling like complete crap. Dominic though was all for going and off the walls (like usual I should say!) So finally at 6:15 we got out the door and to church for our first stop. The kids played games, ate some food, played in the moonwalk. In the sanctuary we have a huge projection screen and the past 2 years they have played movies and they were getting ready to start one up just as we left. We headed to another church nearby that was having a trunk or treat and then off to a neighborhood we go to yearly. We normally go to about 6 church's but we started out alittle later then normal plus poor Alex was hacking and felt awful. We only went down 2 roads this year for treats but still ended up with 12 lbs of candy. Yes I weigh it every year! LMAO!

I cleaned and cleaned till almost 11 pm after coming home because I wanted to get out of the house early this morning and head to the stores for the goodies at 50%. Sadly, I had been to Target 3 times in the past week planning what to buy and where it was located in the store! My plan paid off. Damien, Mia, myself and Kelsey (daycare kiddo) showed up at 8 am. I bought tons of Halloween Cars characters, My Little Ponies, Playdough, and Littlest Petshop toys for birthday parties. I bought so much decor and do-dads. Then a woman says "Kroger/Dillons has 75% off this morning on their stuff if your interested." Why heck ya I'm interested! So we spent $120 on Halloween for next year at Target and $18 at the Kroger store since it was 75%. I was STOKED at the deals I got there. we wait for 75, then 90% at Target to buy more. I love it! I still need to get up to Walgreens today but it was not as important as Target or Kroger. They don't usually have as much. Last, here's some more pics of the kids in costume.

Everyone loved Miss Mia's costume and I must say, she is a cute kitty. Alex had tons of compliments on her costume although it was too cold for it here! I put some pantyhose on her but she was still freezing.

My little Stinker~ I had so many people wanting to know where I got this one. They loved it! You can't see but it has a huge bushy tail on the backside. It is adorable!

Dominic as Leo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
And one last one for Halloween! I am getting better with all the features on my camera. lol
I hope everyone had a great Halloween and I can't wait to see everyone's blogs and what their little one's dressed up as.


Kbreints said...

Oh how adorable! You really go all out-- I ahve to say I man ot as into it as I should be... though henry is not quite excited about it yet either. I am sure in a few years when the boys are older I will have to be!

Wendy said...

I love! love! that TMNT are back in. They're adorable! I love the skunk! I am hitting the drug store to buy all of the princess/girly costumes. We put them in the dress up chest. And sometimes I can get them for $3! Can't beat that!

Adam's Mom said...

Love all the costumes! Mia looks sooo adorable!! how is she so big already???