Friday, November 02, 2007

Why Am I Not Surprised.....

1) That when I'm backed up on laundry, my washing machine DIES. Yep bit the dust. Lifted the lid and it still had water in it. Everything works but the pump to pump the water out. Grr!

2) When Alex starts getting a stuffy/runny nose, she automatically gets an ear infection. She's saying she's OK and went to school but last night she was crying at 12 am and I was working just as hard as I could to get her through the night.

3)That when I say that Walgreens won't have a great selection of marked down Halloween items or that it won't be that cheap I find out it was actually 75% off and run to find hardly anything left later in the afternoon.

4) That my grandmother who just had 2 stints put in her heart 2 days ago wants to do all my laundry for me. I told her no way.

5)That right when I'm ready to call this new Intervention center for Dominic to attend, his teachers happily say he's had a great week giving me yet another reason to be hopeful and delay calling.

6) that Dave will be going to Oklahoma again soon for another big conference.

7) that 6 months later, my window on my van STILL is not fixed.

8) that after hardly anyone ordered Avon the last campaign, everyone tells me this week they had an order to give me and they forgot.

9) that I've been to the school 3 times this week to help our or do something there.

10) that the boys are fighting right now over a stupid Avon box to sit inside and turn into a car. lol

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