Monday, November 05, 2007

It Takes A Big Person To Admit They Are Wrong

I don't know, Sabrina, had I posted something on the moms board about my kid being a freaking brat because she was not sleeping well, I think you would have pounced all over me. The hypocrisy is sort of stunning.

After receiving this lovely comment the Saturday, I was kinda surprised first that the girls from the Miracles Group I left 2 months ago are still reading my every word looking for anything I say to respond to. I have only posted on 2 "Mom Boards" so it was a bit obvious where this came from. Second that anyone took that I called Mia a Freakin Brat thought I was truly serious. But since I was called out I will just say that yes calling Mia a brat at 5:55 am after being up all night was not appropriate that morning. Maybe a lol after saying that would have looked better. Alot of the way she acts is my fault because I don't believe in letting my kids cry or scream it out in bed. If anyone in this house is upset I automatically get up and stay up with them till they go back to sleep. I try to be the perfect wife and let Dave sleep without interruption (unless there is puke involved lol) since he brings home the bacon. Another thing I should say is since I've known him, D's parents set up "brat" as a nickname for anyone they love. His dad calls and will ask, "where's the brat." Or he'll say "the brat went to work." talking about is mom. So "Brat" is used here on an everyday lingo between Dave and his parents along with "wetback" because I think most reading here know that Dave is mixed and his parents are Mexican. On occasion I may call the kids rugrats which I'm sure I've said on here without hearing anything about. So there ya go, I guess I'm a hypocrite.


Lucia's Mom said...

Sabrina, you gotta stay away from the drama these people like to have. BBC boards are famous for that.

We think you're great and we know you love your kids with everything you have. Ignore anyone who can't see the blindingly obvious truth that you are a great mom and a great friend to other moms who need you (like me!).

Wendy said...

We love you. But I must be living under a rock. I have no idea what the Miracles Gourp is. But her comment was ignorant. And I call my kids a brat without any form of endearment attached. Some people just want drama.

We have the racial thing in our family too. My brother and sister are both 1/2 Mexican. They make fun of themselves constantly. It doesn't bug us but other people freak out.

Jennifer said...

I think some people are so insecure in their parenting they need to try and bring other people down in order to make themselves feel better. TO be perfectly honest I think all my kids are freakin' brats at least once a day, no lol! Doesn't mean I am any less of a great mom!
I don't know you that well but from what I read your kids are very loved and well taken care of :)

Anonymous said...

No, I don't read every minute. I hadn't been back for months. Thank you for admitting it, though. I appreciate it. I wish you well!

Adam's Mom said...

I'm so confused and I'm part of the miracle group LOL

I always call Adam a brat - well actually I call him a pain in the ass because he can be LOL I am the girl who sings to her child (although not for a long time:

Adam Vaughn, Adam Vaughn, today you are the devil's spawn LOL

Sara said...

Anonymous has nothing better to do with her life, apparently. LOL.


Kristi Ann said...

Who was it???
I am also part of that, and I had no idea this was happening.