Monday, November 05, 2007

KidFest 2007

This weekend we went to Kidfest which is an insane kid day they put on every year with toys galore, moonwalks and giant slides, crafts, cartoon characters, clowns, Santa, etc. It is also for parents you could say with the massage chairs and booths for your sanity and well being. lol I thought it was cute how the Avon reps were talking to moms and were doing facials on the little girls! We actually had a lot of people praise us on our kids and how they thought it was great that we had 4. We stayed for about 3 hours and then went shopping at a few places. I bought Mia an adorable outfit with a blue suede looking coat from TJ Max. I finally bought Dominic some new jeans at Old Navy and we'll see how long they remain without holes. I wish there was a way to keep kids off their knees!!! The kids were happy because we let them look at Petco and Daddy got some new shirts at Eddie Bauer.
Sunday because of Daylight Savings we went to the early morning service at church. I was shocked that I was able to get everyone out the door and there by 8:30 but it helped that I was able to wake up at 6 due to the time change. lol The kids weren't happy though because the children's services don't start till 9:30 (except the nursery) so the older 2 had to sit in with us. We hadn't ever went that early and decided we probably won't again because it was all elders, we were definitely oddballs and the kids were so sad missing Sunday School.
Here's pics from the weekend although kinda crappy since we only had camera phones on us.

Getting ready to eat at Golden Corral.
Dominic and Santa
The boys happily posed infront of the police car
Sparky the Fire Dog shaking Domnic's hand
The bubble Man putting the kids in a big bubble
Dominic and Alex wouldn't pose with Dora! I was sad! lol
The Trains were the boys highlight. They were in love...


Rhonda Yost said...

That looks awesome! Glad you had a good time! Sorry I have not been on much. Things have been crazy and I am sick! I will catch up with you soon!

Kristi Ann said...

Looks like ya'all had a blast!!

One of these days Ill have to see what we have around here! :)

P.S STILL Waiting on the kids! LOL