Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Webkinz....The New Beanie Baby Craze?

My two oldest kids LOVE playing on the computer. They are constantly on Nick, NickJr, Disney, pbs kids, Barbie, Bratz, Legos, Starfall, etc. Alex gets very limited time but with Dominic having half day school, gets to spend at least a hour a day. We were told last year by his EI teachers that for him having ADHD and the PDD's it would help with his processing, motor, and concentration skills and I know for a fact it does. The boy has learned so much relating to his ABC's, word recognition, simple math, and his motor skills are incredible now. It's so strange how they can really work their brain when using a computer but when it comes to sitting still with paper, they have the hardest time doing that.
My friend Rhonda and I were talking on Yahoo Messenger about kids and computers and she mentioned something about her daughter going to www.webkinz.com and how her daughter loved it. I had no idea what it was so I went there to check it out with Alex and soon found out you had to have this special code from an animal. I have to say I sometimes feel like we don't "treat" Alex as much as the boys so at Kidfest I knew they would be there and wanted to get one for her. I didn't tell her though till we started looking and when we started checking them out I asked if she wanted one. She lit up although she still had no idea what the world it was and really neither did I! We just knew you needed the animal to get on the website. So after going through all 30 + of them she decided on a chihuahua she had no idea what to name. I suggested Cholo and so she now has Cholo the chihuahua. lol Yep he's alittle gangsta dog. Hee Hee! She loves her new toy, carries it everywhere and is learning all about money responsibility online with Cholo and making him comfy in his cyber home. She told me the other day "Uh Oh! I only have $600 now!" It was cute.

From what I'm hearing these are to be the new beanie babies and they will selling out everywhere. They are soft, cuddly and I would have bought 10 if it wasn't for the $12 price tag. The ladies at this boutique were saying that once you buy one then you have to have another and so on. We'll see how many we have before Christmas. lol Thanks Rhonda for making Alex one happy little girl! So will anyone else be buying a Webkinz for someone or themselves this year?


Anonymous said...

These have been around for at least 3 to 4 years now. Some of them are retired already. Some of the animals, where I live, are very hard to find. The raindeer is the Christmas one.

Wendy said...

Well that's cool. All we ever had was the giga pet. Remember those?

Rhonda said...

The webkinz were released by Ganz in 2005. They were really hard to find after Christmas last year through about the end of the summer. They have increased the production so that they won't be so hard to find. There are also charms, clothing, bookmarks, lip gloss, and a whole bunch of other things to go with them now too! Each thing comes with a code for treats online. There are some retired ones. Each pet comes with a 1 year access to the website. When you adopt a new pet your subscription gets extended to a year from the date of the last adoption. Zaphillia is up to 11 of these things and Zachary has 5. They are the only stuffed animals my kids care about anymore! I even have one of my own! They both will be getting more for Christmas! Santa is bringing them each one and my mother in law has 3 or 4 more for each of them! She is slightly addicted!!!! LOL! Her friend is more addicted than her and has every single one of the pets! I think the last time I asked her she had 54 of them!

I hope Alex keeps having fun with her webkinz! Let me know if you need any more information on them!!!!

Keithclan said...

loovvveee the webkinz! And don't worry if your kids get them before Christmas, because they have penty of affordable accessories, like trading cards and charms.

Adam's Mom said...

never even heard of them! They'll probably be in Canada in a few years LOL