Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just Trying To Keep All The Crud Away

Don't say I never helped you get any freebies. lol If you keep all the Sunday Coupons go digging for these 2. One says $1.00 off any Purell, the other says $1.50 off any Purell both expire in December I believe. Well to get THIS many free Purells I obviously had to ask people for theirs if they didn't want their coupons. The best part was that I had 6 left and went into Walmart to find that they had marked their huge bottles with 12 oz in them (bonus bottles) down to 2 for $3.00! So those $1.50 coupons made them all free. I THOUGHT getting the small 2 oz'ers was a good deal before that! lol One of the best things about this deal happening at Walmart was the CASHIER even got excited and that my friends is a rare event if you are a avid couponer. When she saw the bottles she must have thought "nutjob" but then when the coupons came and she started scanning them she got a big ol' grin saying "wow those are all free?! That's awesome!" Believe me though when I say a few years back Walmart employees were not thrilled at all when I walked out with 120 boxes of free Electrosol.
So you may wonder now WHY did you make such an effort for 15 bottles of free Purell and WHAT are you going to do with all of it? First anything free to me is well, very exciting. My husband laughs when I get free sample of Kashi, Nabisco crackers, or even a small tampon box in the mail and I am all smiles about it. So the Purell I am donating nearly all of it to the Grade school. Dave wants one big bottle for the office. My Mission? Keeping the germs at bay. Let them use as much as they want in a day! lol Slather a dime size of Purell on their grubby little hand whenever so they can all keep healthy and hopefully they won't be bringing home crud for all of us parents to deal with. I highly doubt my idea will work but it's worth a shot right? ;)

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Crystal said...

Freaking. Awesome. I have been doing some very avid couponing lately, and I think you have just inspired my latest blog entry!