Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Face Painting

If we had a Blue Halloween Stamper too, I'd say he was trying to go for the Denver Broncos look. I came to find Dominic in his room with half of his head painted orange. His forhead and down to his cheeks plus some on his hand and chin. He had found a halloween stamper one of the kids had received and instead of stamping, painted his face with it. I tried scrubbing it off and figured it would easily (it's for kids ya know) but it didn't and I had people at Gymnastics last night asking me if he'd ate a bunch of carrots or was possibly jaundiced. It pretty much all came off in the shower thankfully but gave all of us a good laugh for the day.


Wendy said...

Ate a bunch of carrots? Does that tint your skin? I am glad it came off.

Kristi Ann said... is my drama mama the same way.

She attacked one of our walls here yesterday. And her arms. I wish my batteries had been charged in the camera...

I would have liked a picture before i strangled her.