Monday, November 12, 2007

10 Months already

How can it be? How could my little Miss Mia be 10 months already? How can it be that I'm not pregnant again yet? lol ;) 4 kids really makes a year go fast. I can't believe that I really should be looking for party supplies for her upcoming birthday. It makes me want to cry when I watch her because she's just grown up so fast in fact I'm trying not to cry as I write this. I feel like I don't have enough pictures, enough video, enough on my blog....I want to keep her at this stage. She'll say "mama" to which I pick her up and she lays her head on my boob grabbing me. She won't be like that forever. You say "noooooooo" in a low voice and she smiles and shakes her head no. You say "clap your hands Miss Mia!" and she claps and jumps around on her butt. Her favorite song is "Where is Mia?" which I made up to changing the lyrics to "Are you Sleeping." She laughs and laughs at her brothers. She loves playing every one's hair. She wants to be in the action if there is a dog pile on Daddy. She wants to crawl on her hands and knees instead of army crawling but just can't figure out that coordination thing yet. She wants to climb on everything and will do everything in her power to do it, even if she falls over and clonks her head on the tile. She loves her binkies and her brother is her best friend. I am sure eventually she'll want her own room but for now she loves Damien in there, talking to him at bedtime and chatting with him in the morning for a good hour in bed while he tries to sleep with his pillow over her head.
I often wonder about Alex at this age. Thank God I recorded it all because after 7 years, I'm sad to say I can't remember what it was like. I can't blame alcohol like I did after high school either. lol It bugs me so much that I can't remember all the little things except some that stick out in my mind like her piecing together 2 words in front of my dad and his wife and how I started jumping and screaming holding her because I was so happy. Or the times at daycare when I'd drop her off and she would try to pry herself from the daycare lady screaming "no!!! mama!! MAMA!!!" And I'd leave crying. I just wish I could remember everything but I can't so I just have to watch videos and look at pics. Why do they have to grow up?!


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Miss Mia! I know the feeling of wanting to freeze time. They really do grow up overnight.

Adam's Mom said...

wasn't she just born? Wasn't that yesterday? My goodness! It definately time for another :wink: She's such a beauty!

Kristi Ann said...

OMG, she is adorable!!
I cant get over her eyes. It's like she has all this warmth!
WIsh I could snuggle her!