Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27 Days and 4 Weekends

It was yesterday when I started to go into panic mode about how fast Christmas is approaching. I have so much to do and very little time to do it. We still have a few things to buy for the kids. I tried to do Cyber Monday deals but with 2 little ones it just didn't get done. We decided we'd host Christmas at our house this year in our basement so I have a bunch to do to prepare for that. Our basement is finished and we have a larger living area down there along with a bar. I'm setting up a tree down there and decorating plus cooking and baking everything for that evening. Then we have 2 parties for Alex's 4H and Brownies clubs luckily I already have some gifts in my stockpiles of deals. I'm helping out when Santa comes to town with passing out cookies and cocoa on Dec 8th. We usually make gifts every year for other family and I haven't even figured what projects we would do this year. Alex wants to make padded clothes hanger again but they are COSTLY! Price out 1/2 in- 1 in ribbon and you'll see what I mean!!! I can't get the 4 kids to let me take a decent picture for Christmas cards and I would like to send those out soon. I may just have to crop out the boys like I did with this picture since they refuse to atleast try! I'm overwhelmed. Just 27 days and 4 weekends to shop and get ready folks. Are you prepared??


utmomof5 said...

Wow you do have a busy season ahead of you. Good luck, just keep singing your favorite Christmas song to keep you in a good mood.


Kristi Ann said...


I just got out all my crap and am sortng through it.

Forget the shopping. *sigh* I guess I'll have to tackle that next week! :)

We also like to make our gifts. I think it means more that way!

Kbreints said...

Oh my god no! Last year I was SO prepared because I knew that shopping towards the end of december 9 months prego would not be fun. This year has really snuck up on us! I have nothing done and it really does not feel like the holidays to me yet.... I hope that I can get in the christmas spirit soon!