Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

The kids are so excited for tomorrow. I ask them what they are ready to eat. Dominic says "turkey!" and Alex "Ham!" Surprised that Pumpkin pie isn't first on the list. I am making pies, banana pudding, and potatoes for our dinner at my Mothers. The kids are thankful for so many things. Transformers, Cubbies and Sparks (church), Barbie, School, Food of course. They had a blast this year putting together our Thankful Tree. Dominic understands better this year what it means to be thankful.
I have to say, I am thankful for God for listening to me about the memory card. I decided to try yesterday afternoon and when I saw the laptop light come on and start to read the card, I ran to find a CD to burn everything onto. I wasn't screwing around! lol Everything on the card is fine!! It was 320 images and videos. I am also thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a mommy of 4 little blessings. Even though sometimes I want to pull my hair out (memory card), I love every moment of being their momma. Really they can do no wrong in my eyes. lol Dominic is coming out with some sayings (besides the fancy talk) which is adorable. He'll say "that's PERFECT!" or "oh that's delicious!" or my favorite, "Kmart has NOTHING, let's go to Target!" Mia is teething, she's been so grouchy but I love her to death! Alex is just growing up way to fast. (sigh)
I often wonder when I have 4 in school how will I display everything they bring home? I think the kitchen walls are a great way. I think I may try the clear plexiglass on the table next year and see how that looks. They love it when I display their works of art and bring everyone in the kitchen to show them off. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Blessings~ Sabrina


Adam's Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweetie! You have much to be thankful for! Love your decorations!

utmomof5 said...

I am so glad you memory card is okay!! That is truely something to be thankful for. Have a happy turkey day!!


Jenn said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sabrina! Your kids are just adorable and their artwork is too cute. I'm so glad that you were able to get the pictures off the memory card and I hope you have a blessed day today!

(And just a note on displaying the artwork... they make magnetic paint that you can put a few coats on your wall, then cover it with your regular color paint and hang stuff from it with magnets... just an idea for when you have all those class projects to display)

Julie said...

Hi Sabrina,

I love the way you are instilling an attitude of thankfulness in your children. That is tremendous! Hope you had a super family time. We truly are blessed!


Kristi Ann said...

Happy thanksgiving!!!

i LOVE the tree you guys did! Thats a great idea!!

And I think I will try the magnetic paint Jenn suggested....after all Sam brings home about 10 things each friday!