Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday....Oh What Fun!

I was extremely lucky this year to have my little sister say she'd stay the night so we could go shopping this morning. We overslept though and didn't leave till after 6 am!! Those Walmart $10 5 hour sale toys were my goal, and I was hoping for a few things at Kmart and an MP3 Player for $18 Sears. I got pretty much everything at Walmart and everything at Kmart but the Sears MP3 players went really fast I guess. I bought 6 pairs of kid jeans for $30! I bought Dominic a new winter coat for $25 since Kmart had them half off. He's in love with the camo fleece on the inside. lol I bought 8 pairs of Joe Boxer PJ sets for $36. I was sad that we didn't find the 2 pack tranformers at Walmart but Family Dollar and Dollar General had $5 Transformers so we bought some of those. Both places have a great selection of name brand toys this year. Dave and I ate a ghetto breakfast by ourselves at Village Inn before returning home. We joked about how crappy the eggs tasted and what possessed us to even go there. We hadn't ate there in about 6 years. It was a good day.

Thanksgiving was the same ol' thing just a different year. Even to the point that my sisters and I got into it about my Dad like every year. Out of the 3 of us, my youngest sister still lives by my Mom's every word and will not forgive my dad. We celebrated at my mother's and then were going to our Dad's later in the evening. She didn't want to go, supposedly started remembering things Thursday from when she was 5 years old and I would have been 10. Then she started asking my mother to tell her how the rest of the story went and I just glared at my mother. She told her she didn't quite remember but she does. She didn't want to say anything because I was sitting there and confronted her last year on her talking about our dad like he was a horrible piece of shit. Just remember folks, if you ever get a divorce, don't warp your children for the rest of their lives by dissing their dad for 15+ yrs. My other sister and I realize that what our mom did was awful but Mandi is just stuck in brainwashed lies. Sure he screwed up but she did too.

We have a wedding to go to this weekend. Alex will be a flower girl, her first time ever. She has a gorgeous dress. I'll make sure to post pictures.


Kristi Ann said...

I bet she will be beautiful in her flower girl dress....I can already see her twirling! LOL Make sure you post them! Hope all is well!

Adam's Mom said...

I agree on the divorce thing! Shawn's dad cheated on his mom but his dad is the one that talks smack about mom! Mom calls to remind us of dad's birthday etc. She's the real saint in the whole situation!

Can't wait to see Alex as flower girl! How sweet!