Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Its Only Funny When It Happens To Someone Else

Years ago, my friend Jen and I used to joke around about another friend of ours and how she buys all these new things for her house and her kids used to ruin it all. She once bought a set of 3 front room tables which ended up ruined, scratched to death by Hotwheels and Matchbox. We'd joke around saying things like she wasn't paying attention to them, why the heck would you let your kid have Hotwheels on the table, she doesn't control her kids very well if they do things over and over after she said no, etc. Over the years since then, I've found out that well...maybe she WAS paying attention but sometimes you just miss things. But how does that happen?

I gate and lock doors so that Dominic and Damien stay out of trouble but when you get wrapped up in something such as feeding a baby, making dinner, or even when you're on the toilet, sometimes things happen before you realize what your little one has done or gotten into or crap, even escaped. So yesterday when I came in the kitchen noticing I forgot to shut the gate and smelt bleach I felt that instant stupidness of WHY didn't I grab that and put it up higher in case I forgot to lock the gate?!? What was even "stupider" (making up words here lol) of me is I just assumed he had just pressed the squeeze pump, I didn't survey the damage. Well a hour later I did when I was cleaning the table after lunch. I found my 1 GB SD Memory Card sitting in a small puddle of bleach on the table. Enough that when I picked it up gasping in horror the Clorox dripped off of it. I examined it thinking of the 300 or so pics on it and about started bawling right then. Damien just laughed and laughed. He had no idea what he had done but thought it was funny watching me freaking out, rubbing the card with a Qtip and blow on it like I was trying to blow it up like a balloon. I tried all damn day to get it to work. I think I inserted it in the computer about 30+ times and it gives a error saying "insert card" It doesn't even recognize I'm sticking a card in. I have a few good shots thankfully due to this blog but those were pics from all of Oct-Nov. Oh and that's not including all the videos I had made. It's depressing. I begged God yesterday to please just let it work long enough for me to get to Shutterfly or Walmart.com but it didn't work.

So remember what goes around comes around. LOL! I know to expect broken things around here but it makes me sad that it was memories that were broken. I've had plenty of things broke around here (Xbox games, toys, DVD players, dishes, etc) but not something sentimental like this. :( PS: Isn't it just ironic that I posted the "sweet boy" post about Damien getting those pics of us off my memory card and then THIS happens?


Wendy said...

Oh Man! Hey This may sound really weird but put it in scoopable cat litter. I had to do this when I washed my phone. I was doubtful but it worked. The cat litter pulled all of the moister out. It couldn't hurt. The Clorox didn't get on anything else did it?

Adam's Mom said...

Cat litter? Seriously if that works let me know! sorry if it doesn't though - that SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Sabrina said...

Wendy- I have never heard that before! Interesting! Hopefully there's never a next time and I won't ever have to try that. LOL