Friday, November 30, 2007

Little Beaver

I had Brownies last night so I got the kids fed before I left except for Mia. I came home and asked Dave what he fed her and he said "the crust of my leftover pizza." What?!?! I asked him if even thought she could possibly choke and why he did it. His response was "she took it, and then started chowing down so I let her and just watched to make sure she didn't choke. She did fine and she ate it all." A 10 month old to eat crust from a Papa Murphy's Stuffed Crust pizza seems pretty impressive to me. I Never feed her anything like that, it's always soft, but then this morning she put my finger in her mouth and I noticed (from the pain involved) that not only has she popped 2 teeth on top, the bottom ones are coming through now too. This is all in about week span! I guess she just needed something to knaw on last night to push them through!
At Brownies, the two mom's that normally help me out, jetted on me and another was sick. Thankfully one of the mom's Lori who is a good friend said she would be happy to help. 14 girls and 2 of us. I had a few of the girls catch up and then they all started signing Christmas Cards. For a November service project they are sending Christmas Cards to Walter Reed Medical Center. Since 3 girls have dad's in the service (Air force Boom Operator, Army Reserve Electrician, and Retired Front line Marine) I figured the parents would be pretty supportive of my idea which they were. I need more service projects though. We're required since we are part of the United Way to do at least one a month. If you have any ideas please drop a line! I'm thinking Christmas Caroles at a Retirement Home for December. Not sure if I can get the parents all to go for it though.
Here they are posing with their October Service Project (food for our local Food Bank)


Rhonda said...

WTG Mia on that pizza crust! LOL!

utmomof5 said...

I love the service projests you do with your Brownies. Ialways wanted to be a brownie when I was a little girl.

I think singing at a retirement home is a great idea. When my Grandmother was at one she would tell me how much she looked forward to it when kids came and sung to them. It can be a little intimitading for the kids but they get over it pretty quick.

Good Luck!!


Christine said...

Mia is too cute. I would have given her the whole slice of pizza. :)