Monday, December 03, 2007

This weekend the kids were so excited because I said we'd put up the trees. It used to be the day after Christmas when we'd decorate but in the past 4 years, our tree has been beat, raped, and tortured in the front room by multiple kids so I kinda put it off now. I halfway stuck to my promise though and we got one Christmas tree up. In the basement. Where Mia and Damien never usually go since I have to take them down there. The one in the front room I will put up today and then let the kids decorate when they get home from school. We still have a blow up turkey on the front lawn to take down and daddy will put up our Santa and snowman.
I tried so hard this weekend to get a picture of the kids for Christmas cards. What a nightmare. Went through 2 sets of batteries, days worth of clothing and poses, and deleted about 100 worthless pictures. If photographers have to ask me if they can photoshop then I'm sure you know what I mean. I bribe with candy, put hands under legs, have toys dancing above the camera, etc it just never works. I just can't get a picture of all four looking at me smiling without hands in eyes, mouths or eyes closed. (sigh) So these were the best 2 I got and as you can tell the 2nd is fuzzy.

Went to church yesterday and it was amazing. They had a beautiful 10 foot tree set up in the sanctuary and had this old man soloist who reminded me so much of Frank Sinatra who song Joseph's song and Merry Christmas with Love. The message was This Christmas Believe and he discussed how not only do we need to believe IN Christ we need to believe ON him and trust him. He talked about how many of us say we believe in him yet we don't take all the steps in life to show that we are true followers of Christ. I know that describes me in a big way! Someone cuts me off on the road it's going to take alot for me not to blast my horn and call them a few choice names. lol It was refreshing as always though.

We have been discussing again if I should go back into Daycare. I'm still selling Avon but I'm not making hardly a dime on it especially right now because they have such awesome gifts so I'm buying everyone Avon for Christmas! lol We're doing OK just on his income but his commission checks now that he's management and in the office, aren't what they used to be. He gets paid twice a month and to put it one way, his commission check used to cover everything and then some. Car, House, all the utilities, cable, YMCA, etc. bills is about all it covers now. Anything extra comes from his other check. This time next year, I will have 3 in school (2 full day, 1 half) and one at home. I know by then he's going to tell me to make some money. So I'm thinking of picking two kids up in January to get started again. Most likely they will be infants but Mia will be 1 so it shouldn't be so hard. I have had 3 born 2 weeks apart when they were just 3 months old-18 months old. I have a pretty good feel for what having twins or triplets is like. An extra $600-700 a month would do us some good though. We'll see.


Kbreints said...

It is so hard to get a good picture with more than one child at a time. Take individual shots and mail out a scrapbook version of the photos. That is what I am doing! How old is mia? When is her birthday? She and Sam must be pretty close!

Rhonda said...

Hi there! The pics are cute! Sorry you might have to go back to doing daycare!