Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Alex No More

Yesterday my daughter came home from school, came in the kitchen, and asked for a snack. She grabbed a NutriGrain bar and sat at the table and then said, "momma, why do people call me Alex?" I said, "well it's just a short nickname I gave you and it stuck so everyone just calls you Alex now." Then she said the words I feared were about to come out of her mouth. "Well I don't want to be called Alex anymore, I want to be called Alexzandra but no one will call me that except Mr. George. I don't like Alex." I told her we would TRY to start calling her Alexzandra around here and she'd have to remind everyone at school. This is going to be soooooo hard. I've called her Alex for about 6 1/2 years. When she was born and little we'd call her by her full name but then it just changed and we started to just say Alex. She then said "Dominic's nickname is Dom and I don't think people like that." I told her that only close people call him Dom because their grandpa's name was Domenico and for short they called him Dom. Some people who don't understand the meaning of it might not like Dom as a nickname. Then I told it was the same with Salvatore being called Sal.

So all night long I'd slip and say Alex on accident and then corect myself. I know she's doing this because there is a boy in her grade named Alex. She doesn't believe it's universal and said so in the past. But I will respect lil' Alexzandra's wishes. I'll have to start undigging all the hidden Christmas presents and relabel them all.


Kbreints said...

And the Pre-teen years begin... seems a bit early no?

Mommy In The Know said...

Oh my word. I know this is coming with Bella. "Please call me Isabella." Ugg. I hope it's not so soon.

utmomof5 said...

Sounds like she is growing up!!=(
That would be a really hard habit to break!!


Sara said...

OH boy. That is hilarious and sad at the same time. I'll bet she'll outgrow it...don't you think? Probably right about the time you've gotten used to calling her Alexzandra. :)

Oh, and I can't believe all that snow. BRRRRRRRR.

So sad for your little ones. I find it so interesting how young babies and toddlers are so in tune with their environments. This is the huge thing you learn when you are preparing to adopt--that even if you are adopting an infant, they are going to experience grief and confusion because scents, climates, and noises change and they don't understand what happened.

Anyway....hoping that everything is resolving for good...and that the lice are dead forever. Eew.

Lucia's Mom said...

I think it's sweet and a good sign. It means she knows what she wants for herself and will stand up for that. I think it bodes well for her future!

Anne said...

I was the same age when I decided I didn't want to be Annie anymore - my name was Anne, gosh darnit! Twenty years later, very, very few people can get away with calling me Annie.