Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well Dave is gone yet again to Oklahoma without me. I hate when he goes on trips and leaves me behind. He's at a business meeting in Tulsa this time but should be back late tonight. Thankfully all the roads are cleared off now a week later from these storms so that's not much of a worry til Friday that is. Yep more snow and ice expected Friday. A friend of mine named Joe shared some pics he took of the ice storm with me so I thought I would show some of the damage at his house and WHY we were out of power for so long. I think they have most people restored but there are still some without. I drove around last night while Alexzandra was in gymnastics and the trees around town just look terrible. Half of the trees i would say are waiting at the curb for pick up to the dump. Seriously. Some people haven't got to their mess so the yards look like a tornado rolled through.

This is not that great of an example but this is what I was talking about trees looking like "peeled bananas." They would leave a bit in the middle and the sides would fold down.
This is what my step grandmother along with a few hundred others encountered was the branches ripping the lines and boxes off the house. Her house though, caught on fire.

Big branches barely missed the van.

I'll have to ask him but I'm thinking the top of the shed must have had one go through it because the tarp ontop. If they were crashing through roof tops I'm sure they crashed through metal sheds. lol

More of that splitting effect.

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Kbreints said...

It looks like a tornado came though... a very quiet tornado...I am sorry to hear that there is more coming- I thought that it was going to be a bad winter, but I was hoping for an easy one... For once I wish that I had been wrong!