Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jaimie Lynn Spears Pregnant

I'm just wondering what others are thinking about this. I think everyone knows this is Britney Spears sister. I think her career is about to down spiral like Britney's. I know young girls look up to her on Zoey 101 so I'm curious as to how Nickelodeon is going to handle this. How should we all tell our 7-15 yr old kids that the little cute Zoey is pregnant?!?! I have nothing against young parents but I really don't think 16 is quite old enough to be a mother. I saw my sister do a lousy job at 17. I lost my virginity right at 16 yrs old and it scares the living crap out of me that my daughter is only 8.5 yrs from that age where she COULD get pregnant. In fact it makes me quite ill!


Jess said...

I have actually been pretty saddened by the sheer mass of negativity surrounding this news story. And also completely annoyed that it is CNN's top story - grrr.

16 is generally too young to be a great parent, at least in our society. But that doesn't mean it is impossible. At least she has the resources available to afford the child and will hopefully learn a lesson from her sister and be a more proactive parent.

I would hate to think that anyone would judge me by association. I don't think the sister will necessarily be a terrible mother just because Britney is. And to piggyback onto that, I feel really sorry for Britney Spears. There has got to be something seriously terrible going on in her life to have had it spiral so far out of control. I think she should be pitied rather than mocked.

Sabrina said...

Jess- I think the same about her learning a lesson. I believe she will try to be the opposite of her sister or probably on a mission to prove so. She certainly has the money to provide for the little one! There are far worse things to worry about then being pregnant at 16 (like HIV, drugs, suicide) I know if Alexzandra came home pregnant at 16 although upset, it wouldn't be the end of the world. I still wonder though how Nick will handle the whole ordeal with her being on a kid's show.

Kbreints said...

My sister was pregnant and that age and though it was not the easiest road for her, she has continued to do an amazing job with her now (4) kids. The father (of all 4) and her were married for 9 years and then divorced. She has continued to be a strong mother and role model for her children and they are an amazing bunch of kids.

No, it is not ideal- however it is not for society to judge either. I do not think that she should be in front of the public anymore though-- because it is not something that we should promote, but it does happen and life goes on.