Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mia 11 Months

Little late due to lack of electricity, but Mia is 11 months now. She has started doing so much this month it's actually in a way refreshing since the boys were/are so far behind. I would say she's possibly going to pass her brother on speech. She already says "Dadda, Momma, yes and uh oh!" She realizes so many things now and is communicating with Damien all the time in their own little babble. She loves climbing over things on the floor and climbing up on her brother's toddler bed. She walks against furniture and pulls up on everything but has not tried walking yet.

A few months back I posted about her willingness to switch from bottle to sippy cup. Well, I wasn't consistent enough and kept giving her bottles and so now we are having a hard time getting her completely on a sippy. In fact she throws big temper tantrums when I give her a sippy cup most of the time. She has two sides to her with the sippy. Sometimes she'll go berserk and other times like the 2nd video she'll drink from it no problem. I've noticed for awhile but Mia having two older brothers is going to have a total different personality than her older sister. She's much more rough, loud and her fits are well....crazy. We never had that with quiet, shy, easy going Alexzandra. She also enjoys playing with the boys and their cars/trucks. She pushes them making noises.

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Kristi Ann said...

Hehehe I love the end when she grabs and shakes the camera!! She is SOO adorable!! Her thorwing a fit is classic...wait till she gets older! LOL