Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Clean Up Process~Every Parents Nightmare

Well Christmas went well and I am glad it's over. It's one of those things you love but then when it's done, it's a relief. I had hoped for less toys this year but it didn't happen. We downgraded on gifts this year (only spent $75 per kid instead of $200) so I figured it would help some but I guess in return the 3 sets of grandparents, 2 sets of great-grandparents, three aunts, and one set of godparents and decided to make up for it. We bought Mia and Damien 3 toys each and the other two kids 6. They weren't all that big or space consuming which was another thing we had hoped not to encounter. Dave and I received the normal (cash and gift cards) and well a 50 inch High Def Plasma TV that we may have to go to AZ to pick up. D's parents are also buying the kids a laptop since mine is fought over. Don't laugh but our other laptop is "too slow" for our 7 and 4 yr old. The websites take longer to load and it drives them nuts.

After hosting here and bringing home tons of toys our house was in pretty pitiful shape. D knows that I start to freak out when the house looks terrible so he was more than willing to help Christmas night getting the house back in order. We started by putting everything in the bedrooms and then cleaned the front room and kitchen. The kitchen was a crazy mess from all the food I had made over the past 2 days. Although I had done all the dishes there were still things everywhere. So by the evening on the 25th we had atleast got the front room and kitchen cleaned and there wasn't twistie ties from toys on the floor for Mia to try eating. D hauled about 5 trash bags of trash sitting in the front room to town and dropped in a carwash dumpster. I feel awful that I didn't even try to recycle any of that cardboard but I was so overwhelmed.

But then after that was cleaned you entered the bedrooms and there were all these toys everywhere that needed opened and some had already been opened. Ugh. I hate the after effects of Christmas. I love seeing how happy the kids are though with their new toys! lol We went ahead and gave up and I figured I'd finish yesterday. My step sister came over from 6am-8:30 so I could go by a ton of after christmas things I really didn't need and then after that I came home and started revamping the bedrooms. My hands were so dried out and in pain from opening so many toys and Damien, Alex, and Dominic would bring me their toys when I was opening someone elses. I was soooo done. By the end of the afternoon I had the babies room finished and Dominic's but I STILL have Alex's to go. We hauled of a ton more trash yesterday since our trash doesn't get picked up til Saturday.

It seemed this year that presents were a bit easier to open but still a big pain in the butt. I don't understand why toy companies can't include a set of wire cutters per box. I noticed with some toys this year they had these little plastic turn pieces to "release" the toys. That is the greatest invention. Several of the toys just needed turned and they would slide off the cardboard. Others though had so many twist ties I wanted to just throw the dang thing away. I noticed that Bratz this year put a label ontop saying "Easy Open Package." If you've ever opened a Bratz doll you'll remember how fuming mad you were after you finally got the doll out of the package with half it's hair missing. So anyways most of the gifts are now unwrapped, the house has been put back together but I still have a ton of sweet foods I made when we hosted that didn't disappear. We still have a ton of chocolate dipped, puppy chow, sugar cookies, Jesus cake, and chocolate cornflake bars to get rid of. Alex and I even put cookies on plates and took them to our neighbors last night wishing them a Merry Christmas. Dave took all the dipped stuff to work today and I'm going to just suffer with the rest of it here and pray I'm not tempted to eat it.

Today I'll still be cleaning up finishing Alex's room, taking loads to the recycle center, and sorting all the things I didn't need that I bought yesterday morning. I went a bit overboard and dh was ok with it but not the happiest that I spent $255. I bought a bunch of decor for next year and quite a few gift sets for birthday gifts. I think I just got alittle carried away that I was by myself this year and he wasn't there to disagree with what I was grabbing. Now we just wait for Target to go 75% off. lol


Kbreints said...

I am with you! clean up after christmas is the worst.... I think that we have cleared through the stuff though! Luckily our trash guy came today! Next will be taking the tree down. I love Christmas, but man am I happy when it is over!

Kristi Ann said...

Hey girl!!
I am glad it went well. I have been, and still am, in VA so I don't get on much! Just wanted to say I TOTALLY relate on those DAMN plastic pieces. i almost wanted to throw the darn things away...LOL..I need wire cutters! LOL

You take care and my love to the family!!!
PS I need your addres, I STILL have a card waiting to go out, and I realized in the move I have lost your me with it please! :) Better late than never right? LOL

Adam's Mom said...

I'm waiting for my nesting to kick into high gear but unfortunately I just want to sit with my swollen feet up! If you see my other blog you'll see that I am DONE with Christmas and just wish I had the energy to put everything away.

And those damn freaking plastic pieces and wire twist ties ggrrrr! I was sooo thankful when Adam recieved clothes because they weren't for knoxed in the box!