Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

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We have about 3 more days till Christmas Vacation is over for the kiddos. It's been nice having them around but I NEED them to go back. lol Not that I don't enjoy having them here, I just want my house clean again. All I have done is pick up toys and put them back only to have them return to the front room 20 minutes later. I have to admit though it's been funny because Dominic and Damien have stepped or tripped on alot of their own toys and started screaming (or crying) at me because of it. I though return by telling them toys aren't supposed to be in the front room and that it's their fault. They kinda stand there thinking about it and then slowly pick stuff up and take it back where it belongs. Hee hee!

I am having a hard time believing we are entering the year 2008. Anyone else? It's hard to believe that I have been a mom for almost 8 years now. I've loved every precious moment of it. Each year I have the same horrible resolution about losing weight. Notice I said each year. lol I think one of my resolution this year will be to read more of the bible and to grow more spiritually. I can't really say attend church more often since we are there twice a week but I don't read into the Bible much unless Alex and I are doing her Sunday school homework or something for Awana. I'd also like to make it a priority this year to be as frugal as possible. I need to make sure to use my coupons more and send off for more rebates when I can. Cutting all corners. I'd like to learn a new craft this year with Alex. Something indepth that we can do together. I'd like to volunteer more where I'm needed. Is that not insane? I still don't feel like I do. Leading Brownies, helping with Awana, being room mom and on the PTO just isn't enough. lol I really would like to help the elderly or children in our town.

What resolutions do you have this year?


Adam's Mom said...

I make monthly resolutions. For January it's to get the baby's room ready. February's is to have a baby LOL. haven't made resolutions past then though

Kbreints said...

I hate resolutions. HATE THEM. Mostly because when I don't keep them I feel aweful. I would like to lose weight, I would like to save more money, I wouldlike to do a lot-- but I cannot resolve to do them just yet. ;)