Saturday, December 08, 2007

Head Lice......It Bites!!!

Thanks y'all for feeling so bad for me. LOL! I seriously thought if I picked her hair like a monkey for days and did the treatment that it would be the end. Sadly, that's not the case. I examined her head this morning and found two tiny nymphs still alive. Dh (working in pest control) said that it'll be OK and that the chemicals will work. To me it's not working fast enough. I am so neurotic when it comes to pesticides, medicines and other junk I can't believe I just automatically jumped at pouring pesticide in everyone's hair "just in case." Well Alex needed it but still. I want this gone like NOW so the rest of my treatment will be all the homeopathic methods everyone has mentioned to me. You should see what these nasty things have done to poor Alex's head and neck. They bit the living crap out of her. She's got scabs on her head, neck, and behind her ears. It's sad.
I didn't pick her hair on Friday but Thursday night I spent 3.5 hours on it. I've been doing daily checks on the other 3 and trying to check my own hair too. Right now I'm terrified I'm feeling things crawling in my hair. I think this is normal right? I'll sit still for a few minutes and then take off running to the bathroom mirror to examing. Friday Alex had a cooking class for 4H and a friend of hers who was to ride with me canceled. I'm trying hard to believe there was some other reason she sent her with someone else. (sigh) Word in a small school spreads like wildfire too. It's like some parents have called and cringingly asked and some have came out and said "oh I am SO sorry for what I heard you've been going through!" So anyways I picked Alex up from this cooking class and they had put a hair tie in her hair!!!!!!! I felt like throwing up right when I walked in the door. I don't think any of the 4H Mom's knew since there were only a few 2nd graders there. I took it out and threw it in the trash when we got home just silently venting and hoping there was no head lice on it from someone else.
Even though I ignored my other 3 kids HOURS a day while picking Alex's hair, a few things exciting things happened around here. Mia now says "uh oh!" It's adorable. She's also popped her bottom 2 teeth so she's got 4. She looks so grown up! She has finally started crawling on all 4's! She's been army crawling all this time. Damien is saying pa-pa on demand. We're not sure what it means to him but he's saying it! He's also started saying "oh" for "no."

And a rotten Mommy Moment: Yesterday I took Dominic, Damien, and Mia to Walmart and shopped for 2 hours. I didn't mean to be in there for 2 hours but I was Christmas shopping and getting food. Dominic found a Shake n Go Police car which turned into a bawl fest when I told him to put it back. To shut him up so we'd have a nice shopping trip, I said put it in the basket. When we checked out I made him go to the arcade and told the woman I didn't want it. I actually do this a lot, I know it's wrong, but if we say no in the beginning it turns into a huge fit and we have to leave. When he came back from the arcade he was all happy asking for his car and I said to wait till we get to the car. Then I buckled him up and told him I accidently broke it so I didn't buy it. He fell apart. It was the end of the world the rest of the day. On and off he cried at home about me breaking the car and how he still wanted it. I tried assuring him that Santa would probably get it for him but it didn't work. Before bed he was talking to my mom on the phone sobbing about the car. He was trying so hard not to cry but when I questioned him if he was telling her about the car he broke down again. (sigh) Needless to say, Grandpa Kent is watching the kids tonight and I'm going to go buy a Shake and Go Police Car.


Adam's Mom said...

Too funny about what you do at Walmart! I do the same thing with Adam but I can put it back without a fight because he doesn't really understand yet.

As for the lice - now I'm itchy again!

utmomof5 said...

Good story about the car at Wal-mart. Now at least you know what he wants for Christmas.

Sorry the lice thing is still hanging around. One day it will be over!


Mommy In The Know said...

It sounds like it's getting a little better. I hope some of the homeopathic remedies work.

Kristi Ann said...

Miss you!! Hope all is better! I have to catch up on so much of your blog and the yahoo group!


Take care hun!~

Kbreints said...

Henry has not seen that one-- thank god... I woul dhae done the same thing!