Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And Then There Was......Date Night

I can't speak enough about how great of a Pastor we have at our church. He is younger (37 I think) so his preaching is abit non traditional you could say compared to the past churches I've attended. Anyways he's doing a series called The Family Business and about Epesians 5:20 (brief passage) Wives, Submit to Your husbands as to the Lord.... Anyways he was explaining how this verse is not intended to sound as if women are a piece of property, etc it's more about respect and being honest. Click here for the MP3 of it. Somehow date night was thrown in there and ways to be romantic. My dear husband must have taken this all into careful consideration because the past two days have been we'll just say WEIRD. Sure we're romantic occasionally (lol)but getting lovey text messages is not something we normally do. Then Monday he was all sweet and touchy feely which was wasn't too strange I suppose, I just hate our kids eyeballing us when we are or trying to wedge between us. Then that night he decided it should be OUR date night so we got the kiddos to bed early and got in the hot tub for about 30-40 minutes. He gave this lovely awesome massage. I didn't even need the jets infact we never turned them on and just sat in the hot water in the quiet darkness of our country home looking up at all the steam and stars in the sky.

I will have to thank Pastor Andy for this lightbulb going off in Dave's head. This weekend he wants to have another Date night but away from the house! I think one night a week would be great, leaving the house even better. We'll see if it actually happens as it takes a very brave person to take on all 4 of our crew.


Kbreints said...

DAte night is always a plus! But hard to get away for sure! I hope that it happens for you! Romance leads to babies.... and I know that you are wanting more of those!

Kristi Ann said...

Yay!!! Thise are always a PLUS! Take that tiem to reconnect and find the spark! Thats the fun part!
Hey...I know a light bulb has been turned on in Brads head MANY times during church! :) One of the many reasons I love it, and love the fact that he goes!
Hug to you and dave!

Christine said...

Date nights are always good. I'm jealous. :)

Crystal said...

How romantic! I'm glad you could get some alone time. I have a Date Night coming up soon! I can't wait!