Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sick Little Girl

The past 2 days around here have been nothing but Mia Mia Mia. It started Monday with a little bit of a cough. I called the Dr's office about something for her and they told me no of course because of the whole hoop-la of no meds for babies under two. GRR!! Monday night she woke twice in a hour groaning so I informed Dave it was going to be a LONG night with her. She ended up in our bed at 11 and sure enough we finally got to sleep around 4:30 and then both woke at 6:30 to get up since Alex has to get ready for school. The Ped office opens at 8 so I had my speed dial ready and kept hitting redial as soon as it hit 8 o'clock for an early appointment. I was able to get a 9 o'clock appointment so fed both babies and we were out the door.
Mia was acting fine at the Dr's office, infact I figured I was just blowing $20 on the copay but come to find out she does have bronchitis and an ear infection in her left ear. She could have fooled me the way she was crawling around playing with everything. Then we came home and she slept quite a bit because of the lack of sleep the night before but when she WAS awake, she clung to me like a little monkey. The house looked pretty bad as you can imagine. lol Last night she allowed us to have about 6 hours sleep but we constantly were up at her bed last night as she moaned. I greased her chest and feet with Vics vapor rub and tried to have her sleep elevated. I had sippy cups in the fridge to hand off to her through the night to soothe her throat.

Hopefully today will be a better day although I doubt. She's been up and down with me since 6 am groaning and now she's awake again. The past two days as soon as she's down for a nap, I'm running around cleaning frantically since her naps have been short and she wakes up crying. Poor kid. Be thinking of her.


Kbreints said...

Gosh darn it!I was greeted by the day care this morning telling me that a little boy in Sam's room was diagnosed with RSV. Wellthat sounds big and bad-- but it is what we have been dealing with for a while now. Sam's Year appointment is on Monday-- I hope that he will be ok!

Kristi Ann said...

glad we had a chance to chat via IM....Hope the little princess is feeling better soon! HUGE HUGS to you :)!!!