Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ear Infections, Cavities, Braces....Oh My!

January seems to be going exceptionally well for us if you haven't been able to tell. The $750 that we put into our Flexible Spending Account this year will be gone in a few months time at this rate. Damien screamed on and off through the night and by this morning it's obvious he has another ear infection. His nose has been pouring snot so I'm sure fluid has just backed up again. I feel bad because I was just so tired and I didn't see the signs last night. He kept sleeping as high up on his pillow as he could so his head wasn't laying flat, the waking and crying out of the blue, and hands on ears. He's sleeping now and I gave him a shot of Motrin till his appointment.

Alexzandra had a dentist appointment yesterday. She had to wing it alone while I took the monsters in the waiting room. She looked upset at first but realized there was no room for us in the exam room and her brothers were being absolute terrors. I stupidly decided I wasn't going to take the double stroller and only took the umbrella stroller for Mia. BAD BAD IDEA. Damien kept running all over through a maze of hallways to exam rooms giggling and having a good ol time. I kept snatching him and putting him in the small corraled waiting room area where this small stairway is the only way out. He still would try slipping past me and run up and out all over the office. It was not fun. Then they have these lovely bead tables where the boys continued to fight over who got to string the beads around the little table. There were 2 tables but they both wanted the same one. It ended up getting out of control to a point where Damien tried pushing Dominic though a plate glass cabinet holding dental supplies and the boys were on top of each other beating each other up. I was so mad at them but all I could do was laugh (behind my hand) which was completely wrong. I was laughing because I just couldn't imagine what the other people around were thinking of my parenting skills. The receptionist (who used to be the receptionist at my OBGYN clinic) just laughed along with me because she's seen me though all the pregnancies, my loss after Dominic, my sonos, and she knows how badly I wanted kids. Finally after numerous failed time outs Alex and the hygienist came out to inform me she has a cavity in her 6 year molar (already?!?) she really needs the sealants done, and is going to definitely need braces and gave me referrals for a few orthodontists. They are SURE they give a free first visit consultation. Oh Lord, I am soooooooo not ready for this.

In other news, who would love to see a cute baby dance to Indescribable (Amazing God) by Chris Tomlin??


Jena9286 said...

Been there done that. My three year old is going into surgery on March third to get a crown and 2 cavities filled. Apparently he has weak enamel.
Never seems to end does it? Good luck.
Jen from Large Family board

Jennifer said...

Good luck with all that!! Things can only get easier in February I hope!!