Friday, January 25, 2008

Either this Dad has a Crush On Me, or I'm So Full of Myself.

I can only hope no one I know ever finds this blog. Perhaps I should go ahead and password protect it after writing something as bold as this. lol! But I find it weird that after our Brownie meeting last night, this guy calls my house at 8:30 to chit chat for 10 minutes about badge placement on the sash and other things. I had just told the parents how to place badges 1 hour before and even gave a diagram at the meeting and I chatted with him for 15 minutes at the meeting about it while the girls played Duck Duck Goose. D was sleeping on the couch, the kids were running all over the place since I was on my own getting them to bed, and here I am making small talk wrapping a phone cord around myself with Mia and Damien on my feet. He also called me from his own personal cell phone (not the number I had to reach them) Naw, I am sure I'm wrong. I think I'm just full of myself. lol

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Jennifer said...

I feel ya! I have a major crush on a dad at my youngest sons gymnastics. I even have myself convinced I've caught him looking at my a couple times ;) It seems to be a lot worse ever since Carls been away working but all in fun therefore harmless right?