Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"I Squeeze Cow Milk?"

I was motioned to come out to the bus today. Usually as long as I'm at the door, he goes or comes off without me going out to him. So out I went to grab him and find out what they could possibly have to tell me now. Jennifer (teacher's assistant) came from the bus and said that Dominic had a bad day since the teacher was gone which is normal but then she said that he was making "references" about boobs again. She then says sternly, "Dominic, you tell your mommy what you told me earlier that you wanted to tell Mrs Kreibeil. Dominic looked at me and said, "Mommy, I squeeze cow milk?" Oh geez. I smiled and said, "not right now Dominic." Obviously after grabbing their boobs and acting like he was milking them at school, the teachers now think he wants to milk their boobs. I told her that Daddy talked to him the other day and said that we would take him the zoo in town and let him milk the fake cow there if he wanted to "milk a cow." He made sure to inform him that's not polite to touch women's breasts.

She said "oh ok. I was a bit worried but that sounds believable I guess." I'm really freaking out that they may think other things are going on here in our house. He know milk comes from the breast of women. Why he's was trying to milk his teachers I have no idea but nothing around here should have promoted that. I breastfed Mia when he was 4, he's not stupid and just going to forget it. He saw me breastfeed Damien when he was 2 years old. He KNOWS where milk comes from but what he was referring to today was going to the zoo to milk the fake cow since Daddy said he'd take him. I told Dave that next time he needs to just tell him he's taking him to the zoo, not we'll go milk the cow, because Dominic words everything all weird and we're going to end up with CPS on our doorsteps. His teacher was not thrilled by him asking repeatedly today that he wanted to squeeze cow milk.


Kbreints said...

That was a little silly for the teachers to think the wrong direction of that. I mean-- "I squeeze cow milk" sounds like milking a cow to me! It will all blow over-- but for now I am sure that you are ready to forget it!

utmomof5 said...

I don't understand whythe teachers made a big deal. It sounds like he know where milk comes from, not a big deal!! Some people get so worked up over nothing.

Valarie said...

I think the teachers completely over reacted. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to milk a cow. Are they trying to say that every farmeer is perverted and inappropriate?? Anyhoo..I would just forget about it.

Adam's Mom said...

totally sounded like milking a cow to me - I think they jumped the gun on that one