Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tisk Tisk

We went to Walmart on Sunday evening for a few things. The trip itself I was trying to make short because the kids had school yesterday and I didn't want to rush when we got home. Dominic was really whiney because OF COURSE he wanted to venture to the toy department and Damien did not want to sit and be buckled. Most people can't leave Walmart in under 30 minutes but we accomplished that. I was DONE.

We got in the parking lot and it was getting a bit chilly but we parked the two baskets behind the van and I lifted the van hatch to stick our stuff in real fast. D says, "here don't do that, put Mia in." So I grabbed her to put her in her carseat and about a minute later I turn around to see Damien patiently sitting in his basket looking at Dady and Dave about 50-60 feet away returning Mia's basket. I was livid!!!! So mad I was shaking. Imagine a car parked and then a basket backed up to around the bumper of the car sticking out in traffic. I ran back there and went off as he was running back to the van.

Me: "What in the heck are you doing?!?!? You know how people drive on this side of the lot?!? You seriously put back a basket before worrying about Damien in the cart??!?! OMG!!!!"

Who knows what the woman next to us getting in her car thought but I was so mad!!! Ithink she was a bit stunned by my sarcasm to Dave.

D: "well how is this not your fault?? You're blaming me but this all on me but it's your fault too! You could have came back and grabbed him."

Me: "Reeeeallly?!?! So what did you want me to do? Read your freakin' mind and just drop Mia in her seat unbuckled so she could jump out of the van and run back and grab him. Jesus you ass!!!"

D: "You know what, whatever. Just get in the car. I'm sure you've never done anything to put one of the kids in harms way."

Me: Enraged by that comment, "Seriously, was I to know you were going to just zoom off and leave him to return a cart because from what I gathered you gave me Mia and were staying with him and putting the stuff up. People drive like idiots over here Dave, you've seen it, and you don't just leave a kid alone in a basket like that. Ugh! You're such a moron and you piss me off!!!!"

D: "whatever just go."

It was a long quiet drive to the Newspaper Recycle bin but by time we got there we had started small talking again. lol I take the kids out all the time alone and I would NEVER just leave one kid out and put the other up. I normally only have the kids in one basket and would pull up to the door of my minivan and put Damien in first so he could hop into his car seat while I buckled Mia then buckled him. Dominic and Alex jump in by themselves and buckle and I make sure they did it right before we leave. Even when we get somewhere I park next to a basket corral so I can get the kids in the basket and then Dominic and Alex are allowed out.

I know I'm overprotective of the kids, I can't see any Mom who isn't unless they just don't care. I went a bit psycho on Dave that evening but I think he knew that he shouldn't have just left the poor kid there. Who knows what he was thinking. Really though I am so deathly afraid of losing one of our kids and it being my fault. I just can't imagine. When I did this I cried for nearly a day I was so upset at myself for being so stupid. That was a wake up call. I am sad about going ballistic on him but these kids are my life. If anything happened to any of them I really don't know what would happen to me. It's my job to protect them and for him to protect them when I'm not around. There are reasons that I don't let people drive them anywhere or let them stay overnight at a friend's house. There are reasons they probably won't ever ride certain amusement park rides. lol We've made up but next trip somewhere I can imagine Dave will be watching what he does and probably looking for a fault of mine. I can really see him doing that. lol


Wendy said...

I would have had the same reaction. In face I think this has happened with us. I guess I am "overprotective" too.

Kbreints said...

I know-- I got on Dan's case about leaving the kids in the car a running in to pay for the gas. There is a reason I only go to Gas stations that have pay at the pump!

Lucia's Mom said...

I think it's your duty to protect your kids, no matter who you have to be angry with. Absolutely you should put your kids first. I'm sure Dave was just embarrassed to make such an obvious mistake like that. I would totally do the same thing to my hubby if he did that (and believe me, he could). I flipped out on mine the other day for leaving Lucia walking around the garage on the other side of the car while he put the garage door down. We opted not to install the laser on the garage door and instead to always hold her or have her in the house when putting the door down. He got an earful from me too. The sad part is that he doesn't recognize it as an error and instead firmly holds his ground that he was right, like always. You're lucky Dave is a decent guy and will learn from this. Ok, not lucky, you chose well!