Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm Canceling.

On Saturday we slept in, as a family, till 10 am! Holy freakin' cow! I woke up blinded by light and rolled over to see the time and then pushed Dave in the arm. "OMG look what time it is! We got to sleep in!" When was the last time I've slept till 10am? Probably about 4 years ago. Never have I ever slept past 8:30 at the latest. So I hopped up, threw on my robe, and got the kids going on breakfast. Afer getting them taken care of I sat down and played online on the laptop. As the kids finished eating, around 10:30 the doorbell rang. Dave by this time was in the shower and I'm still in my robe. I tell Dominic "DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR!! I've got to go find some clothes!!" So I ran to the basement and couldn't find anything readily available in the dirty clothes pile and nothing is clean in my size atleast so I head back upstairs with Alex and tell her to go see who it is thinking its probably just my family.

We come up the stair and this man is standing in my kitchen and Dominic is standing next to him happily announcing, "it's the Schwan's Man Mommy!" I about fell over. Not only had he let this man in the house, I'm standing here in a terry cloth robe with nothing hardly on underneath and my hair everywhere. I was completely embarrassed and I think he was too. So he first thing he says, "hee hee, Sorry your son said I could come in??" I replied smiling, "uh no he's not supposed to open the door but I don't need to order! Sorry!" I'm thinking he'll quickly be out the door as awkward as this is but NOPE! He starts explaining he missed me last time due to our blowing snow blizzard two weeks ago and then gives me the run down on the special. I told him "no thanks" in which he responded "ok well I'll be back in two weeks" and gave me a sticker for my calendar.

Um, yeah no thanks dude. I'm calling your corp and canceling because #1 I don't think I can face you again. And #2 you don't just listen to a 4 year old child saying "come in!" and help yourself in the door without repeatedly asking for them to go get their parents. Not cool at all. Am I overreacting for canceling? My husband (being in the service profession) told me that although he's walked in on 2 naked ladies (they weren't supposed to be home)he doesn't remember what they looked like. I was at least covered by my robe. Dave though can remember where they live and one of his accidental walk ins was about 9 years ago. That to me is frightening. After he was gone we took about thirty minutes on the couch giving a refresher course with the Alexzandra, Dominic, and Damien explaining why we don't open the door to strangers and always get mommy or daddy.


Kbreints said...

OMG! How rude of that Man! Yes, Call his boss!!

Lucia's Mom said...

Yes, I think that was bad of him. Not just cuz he embarrassed you, but because it's not safe for your kids.

But on the yay side, good news about the sleep-in!

Christine said...

I would have been so embarassed Sabrina.

Christine said...

Oh, and if you usually like ordering from Schwan's I would just ask for a different delivery guy.

Adam's Mom said...

You slept in until 10am? Holy shit balls LOL

That guys an ass!