Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh Crap!!

Seems I was a bit misinformed by my dh. We are having this lovely entertainment center delivered tomorrow. They called me this morning to make sure we were still on. I thought it CAME IN tomorrow, not that it was to be delivered. We paid $1500 for it and I really hate to make Ashley wait to deliver it. Why would they have to wait? Well I haven't been able to sell our big screen 60 inch!!!! I first priced it at $400 but then thought that was too steep since Dave's dad paid $1100 for this plasma we got for Christmas. So then I priced it at $200 and still no one wants it!!! A few people are saying the picture is off but it does not look that bad. It's a projection screen freakin idiots. You can't lay on the floor or watch from the side. You have to be infront of it. We are so screwed. I would keep the 60 inch in our basement except that it's sooo big it's not going to go down there. We'll get stuck on the 6th step. I've tried to get dh to put his new plasma in the basement and he says no way. I think he wants it in the living room for show. (MEN!) Every man I've had in my living room the past 5 years has drooled over it and now he wants this plasma to show off. If I can't sell it soon, my couch will be infont of it. That'll look lovely.
All I know is I need this box out of my room because there's no room to walk anywhere!! It's been there for 2 weeks too long. I have to push it out to the hallway to get laundry in the dresser or in the closet.


utmomof5 said...

I f I know anybody who needs oa big TV I wil let you know!=) I love the new entertainment center though, very pretty! Good Luck selling the old on


Jennifer said...

I need a big TV! Are you coming to Cananda anytime soon?
PS Thanks for the comment on my blog about my baby! Its hard for me to see past what people say and just do what I think is right. I love to hear other people saying big families are a blessing! Thanks

Crystal said...

That is a gorgeous new entertainment center! :) What size flat screen does it fit? we have a 60 inch sony...I would love to have that to keep J out of the freaking wires!

Amie said...

cool TV!

I tagged you for a meme.

Amie :)

Adam's Mom said...

I'd take it for $200 (LOL Shawn just asked where you lived)

Love the new entertainment center - gorgeous!

Oh - I blogged something just for you today - you'd be proud of me! it's on my blog not Adam's LOL