Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Slowly Getting Better

After one rocky week, things are slowly getting better. The vitamins I started giving last week must have helped because Dominic had a very short lived cold. Mia and Damien are still coughing their poor hearts out but at least they are pretty much back from the dead. The weekend with Damien was completely frightening. I must have said, "I'm taking him to the ER at least 10-12 times. Dave was totally against it because he didn't think they would do anything for him gagging and coughing up a storm. After reading up on Dr. Google, it appears that it wasn't the flu but just the RSV/Bronchilitis that Mia has. He just can't stand the wheezing and junk in his throat so he was constantly throwing up flim. It was so sad seeing him like that because each spell usually lasted 5-10 minutes. He learned quickly about running to the trash or toilet and did a great job trying! Breathing treatments are not easy to give to either of them. Mia hits and bats at the mask with her hands and Damien says "uh uh!!" and runs away. I can do it if they are sleeping though. If anyone has any tips on getting little ones to do it while awake (lol), please comment!!

Last week I had promised 2 former mom's I used to watch for that I would watch their kids since school was out. I spent most of the weekend cleaning and getting ready for it and yesterday at 7:30 both mom's showed up. It was nice! It shows me how much I really do miss doing daycare. There are days I wanted to pull my hair out in the past but it really is rewarding, especially watching them "grow" in your daycare. I watched them both till about 4 and my kids had a blast having them over. They played with play dough, drug out 100 coloring books, role played, tore up a bedroom, etc. They had a great time and their parents were so happy to hear my compliments of the day when picking them up. I also made $40 which was nice. I actually can contribute some money to our household. lol I told Dave that I've got one more Room Mom party to organize and then after that I'll see about picking up 2 kids to watch. I think he's excited just for the fact that right now we live off his paycheck and have to wait for a quarterly bonus which is hard. The most difficult part of the day was trying to jump online to place my Avon order. Of course the day I do daycare is the day 3 people have decent sized orders to enter online.

So this morning it's quiet. I'm enjoying a mug of cinnamon hot cocoa, Alexzandra and Dominic are at school and Mia and Damien are still asleep and it's 8 am. They have had such the week though, I believe they are just catching up on sleep they've missed and sleep they need to get better.


Kbreints said...

So glad that they you all are on the mend! it is always nice to have extra money-- I hope that it all works out for you!

utmomof5 said...

Sorry I have no advice for the breathing treatments but I am glad to hear things are getting better. Sometimes it feels like the sickenss will never end.


Kristi Ann said...

Man I am glad thigs settled down for you! You had SOOO much to deal with! :)
I hope mia and damien get better quickly!~

Jenn said...

I'm so glad to hear that everyone's on the mend and that you're enjoying doing day care again (and the extra money of course). I know working at a day care stresses me out, but seeing them grow and explore is really rewarding.

Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you that I think I'm obsessed with box tops now. lol! I find myself seriously contemplating buying stuff that I don't need simply to get the box tops off it. lol!!

Rhonda said...

I am sorry the kids have been so sick! I am SO far behind on things! I have no advice for the breathing treatments though. I am just glad to see that things are on the up swing!

And yay on doing daycare again! You have so much to give! The kids that are in your care are very lucky kids!