Monday, February 11, 2008

Cards, Cookies, and Lots of Love....

I think one of the best things a young person can do is to take just a few minutes for our older folks. There's something about helping elders that makes you feel good inside. I'd been planning this Brownie activity for about a month. It went great and since one of our mom's works at this retirement home, we may be going back often! You could see the excitement in the residents as they saw this band of little 7-8 year olds waiting for them to sit down for dinner. They started asking the girls questions immediately. After they sat down Michelle introduced the girls to the crowd and they got busy handing out cookies and homemade Valentine's cards they worked so hard on. We had extra cookies so afterwards I let the girls split them outside to take home. I think the best part of the afternoon there was seeing this old man ask all the girls to come talk to him because he's a "lady's man." That was hilarious! And yes he was the only man at his table!! This is him below.


Kbreints said...

I used to do this all the time when I was younger for class projects. I have always loved to spend time with older people... they have so much to talk about and say- and a lot of time no one to share with! What a feel good thing to do!

Nicole said...

When I was in HS, our senior project was to spend one hour, one day per week for four weeks with an elderly home-bound person. "Teams" of two students were assigned whom to visit by one of the faculty priests. The person you were assigned would be the same person you visited each time for the duration of the project.

Unfortunately, our "elder" didn't want to meet with us. We regularly called to schedule and she just made excuses for us not to visit. We were excused from the project and were not penalized. But now that I'm older and have a 90+ year old grandmother who is stuck at home, I feel like I lost out on a wonderful opportunity in high school. I really enjoy visiting with my grandmother and hearing all her stories of yesteryear.

I wish more groups and organizations put together these types of projects... it brings smiles to everyone involved. Kudos to you for coordinating such a great experience.

utmomof5 said...

What a gret thing to do!! I bet those seniors loved it!! Good lesson is service for those girls


I finally did you meme.

Kristi Ann said...

You know it's funny that one of my fondest childhood memories is doing EXACTLY that. It can be SOO rewarding. I had been thinking abotu volunteering to do something similar with my kids...but DH nixed it saying I could get them sick..or the kids could get sick?!?!
WHat a wierdo I married. :)
Anyway......Gooo Alex!