Monday, February 04, 2008

Just In Time for SuperBowl........Ta Da!!

And here she is...........Neither team was a favorite of ours (We're Broncos fans) so we enjoyed watching the SuperBowl commercials on our new Plasma set up. God I love my Inlaws!! LOL Ok we did buy the entertainment center ourselves. lol I discovered this weekend my big 60 inch Projection is a big ol piece of crap. The picture STINKS compared to this thing. I can't believe I watched that for 5 years. It used to look good but over the years the picture color quality just isn't the same. Did everyone else enjoy the commercials as much as I did? Which were your favorites?? My fave was the Amp Drink jumper cables on the manboob guy. That was too much!! Which did you get a kick out of?


Adam's Mom said...

didn't watch the SuperBowl except the last 10 minutes LOL just enough so I can say I wtched it haha

Nicole said...

LOL - Now you know why you haven't been able to unload your old TV even though you keep discounting it. Glad the new TV is working out so great for you!