Monday, February 04, 2008

A Birthday Party Built For 2

There has never been a double birthday party in this house. One, I was really skeptical on stealing another child's sunshine by putting 2 parties on for 2 kids at the same time. Two, I worried relatives would hate buying gifts for 2 kids at once. And three, I figured it might cost a bit more doing all at once. But instead, it went so well that I plan to do family parties this way everytime. It works out since my first set was born Jan, Feb, and the second set is June, July. Dominic will actually turn 5 in 2 weeks and Mia turned 1 about 3 weeks ago. I know some people are highly opinionated on this subject and I used to be one of them, but after having one, I really enjoyed it and I think our family did too.


Jena9286 said...

Happy Birthday! I had forgotten Mia was a bit older than Aaron. He has 9 more days to go. I love the cupcakes. So colorful and looks like Mia loved that cake. Can't wait to let Aaron at his cake.

Adam's Mom said...

My goodness Mia is sooo grown up too! Where does the time go? We did a coupleof double parties this past year and they are great!