Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Playing Politics

Sometimes I believe my family are all assholes. Especially the men. A few weeks ago my Grandmother came over to break some bad news. Remember the ice storm? Well my Grandpa didn't read the newspaper on how to store limbs at the curb for removal and the city skipped his house and it made the German blood boil in his big ol head. Since they refused to take his limbs, he's going to teach them a lesson by not recycling anymore, therefore I can't drop off our recycleables at his house. We live in the country so there is no recycling available to us so we have to find someone willing to let us drop of at their place or drive with everything in our van to the center about 20 minutes away in the neighboring town. Mom lives about a mile from us but my dad is still in the city so I asked him. His answer, "No. We don't recycle and I don't want those bags blowing across the street. Just throw the junk in the trash. Why profit the city anyways?" Who else in my family lives in town and recycles? No one.

I'm not going to quit recycling because I (unlike most of my family) care about the Earth. I also believe they feel quite selfishly that they aren't going to be around forever so what's it matter. That's sad that they could care less about global warming and our landfills full of seeping methane entering our lower atmosphere as their grandkids have their own kids. Very sad. When I took my week's worth of recyleables to the center the other day, I awed at the massive building full of our junk. How awesome! But I'm sure it didn't all come from the older generations. We have went from a trash cart full weekly to about 2 bags of real trash and about 8-12 small groccery bags or more of recycleables. I usually have about 8 bags of plastics, 1 bag of full of glass, 1-2 bags tin cans, a ton of boxes and a box of paper/magazines/newspaper. It adds up fast and again that's a week!!

What I don't understand is why our city doesn't do mandatory recycling. Many surrounding towns around us do. Most major cities in other states have big ol' fines if you don't. I believe they should in our town as a kick in the ass to all these old folks who could care less. I know I want to stick around for awhile longer to see my kids grow up.


Wendy said...

OH MY WORD!! I feel your pain. We just started to recycle and I am constantly picking through my family's garbage and taking it home to my recycle bin.

I agree we all have to clean up and take care of our planet. I know it will last as long as God wants it to but I don't want to live in a cesspool while I am here.

Kristi Ann said...

I am so proud of you for continuing to make a difference.
Please continue to do so, and rally to your city council for a recylcling curb side pick up program...you would be surprised what 1 person can do.
To start I would get a petition going with your neightbors.
Good luck!! and Goooooooo Sabrina's family!~

Kristi Ann said...

damn it...I should have spell checked! LOL