Friday, March 07, 2008

A few updates

My goodness. Things have been going so fast here. I have only had brief moments to even type a post. Housework has been really hard for me to keep up on and laundry we won't even go there! Our schedule this month would make a person cross-eyed. Basically we have something every day of the week going on. 4H meetings & PTO Mondays, Soccer practices T's,F's. Awana's W's, Brownies Th's, Soccer games Sat, Church Sun's. I need extra bodies to help me out but I know I'll be doing it all. D does not come home from work till 6 everyday but on Monday's he's home at 7. Not feeling pregnant at all yet. I have "waves" of nausea where I feel like I could hurl but I sit or lay still, breathing it all out and feel better and get on with my day. I do not have time for morning sickness with this crazy schedule of ours so if everything is fine in there and this is all I'm having, I can live with that.

I'm still working on this Girl Scout Cookie sale. We ended up selling 1,820 boxes total. That's $6,370 I had to collect from parents. Well I have one person who hasn't handed over their $511 so we are short and it's really freaking me out. Since I'm the leader I've had to make multiple trips to the council office picking up boxes that mom's had sold extra of and trying to keep up on transfers and paperwork. It's more stress than I thought it would be. With that, organizing meetings it's just been crazy.

I know some were wanting updates on the cloth diaper adventure and so far it's been great! Damien does not want to wear them however. He wants to stick to the cheapy generics I buy. I'm tempted to buy him some with baseballs and boy things on them to see if that makes a difference. I think I'm going to continue with AIO's or AIO2's because they are simple, easy to use and just like a normal disposable. The pockets I've bought have worked great too but I would rather do the AIO2's with the built in plus the pocket.

Mia has recently convinced her brother that he needs to walk with shoes on his hands as well you can see in this picture. The diapers I've been buying are Bumkins and Drybee's and for the novice cloth diaper momma, these work great.

Here she is saying "kiss me dadda I'm more important than that work phone call." Although CD'ing had been on my mind for a long time, I held back for a few reasons. #1- the gross factor #2- keeping them clean. So far neither has been an issue. What I don't understand is how can all the kid clothes get stained so easily yet it's simple to keep a cloth diaper white as new without using bleach. lol I've been washing a small load of dipes every day so really it's not much of a task at all.

On the neighbor ordeal, I tried using my daycare license to the max. I called the State Dept of Corrections asking for help since I'm a daycare provider. They researched him and had he moved in 3 years earlier he would have been asked to move since I'm a licensed provider so nothing can be done. I am feeling alot better about things now that I was able to let it sink in. Last week I wanted him to die, didn't want him here and although I still don't want him here, he hasn't caused us any worry or harm yet so we are just taking extra precautions. The kids know there's a "bad man" living in that house and to run and scream if he was ever to approach them. I've been keeping the doors tightly locked on our place and we're buying a new metal back door this weekend so it would be impossible for anyone to get in. We're going to most likely be putting up a privacy fence so I can feel more secure letting the kids in the back. Anytime in the front though, I will be out there.

Some amazing things happened at Damien's Speech session this week. Damien has horrible tongue thrust and Speech Apraxia so we still have only got maybe 20 words total from him, however on Tuesday in front of his therapist I got him to say "pleeeeeeassse momma!!!!" It wa a bit choppy because he's never said 2 words together, EVER. But he said it and Linda and I were jumping for joy because THIS is progress. There's a good possibility he could go to school in August still not talking but the few words he is able to say on command. His little brain is just unable to send to his mouth the words he needs to say so everything comes out as "dis" with his spitting at the end.

Dominic has had many ups and downs at school lately. I need to update the blog but we had many gagging and throwing up issues at lunch so I'm not making him lunches which seems to be going better. He was just reevaluated by Early Intervention and will be getting services again next year. His social skills have just not improved except for a few points. We'll have an IEP meeting soon about it where they will go over everything with us.


utmomof5 said...

Glad to hear the precautions you are taking at your house. You can never be to careful.
I am glad the diapers are working for you, you are a better person than me. :)


Jess said...

Thanks for the diaper update. The only thing holding me back from going fully with AIO's is that I hear they take a long time to dry in the dryer. Pockets are supposed to be faster. I put my order in for the Jillian's trial and we'll see what I end up liking! I'm sure I'll be back with questions as I try and figure it out.

Not sure how you manage all that you do with 4 kids and another on the way. I feel like I can barely hold the house together and keep Ella happy right now. And Gabriel is a great sleeper so far! I can't imagine how bad things would be around here if I had gotten another non-sleeper like Ella was!

Chels said...

You are better than I am. I couldn't keep up with the cloth diapers!

Kiddos are cute! Congrats on the two word phrase! THat's AWESOME!