Monday, March 24, 2008

How To Turn A Man On

Change a tire so they don't have to. We were super busy this weekend and it just so happened it was daddy's weekend to work and lock up the office. I took the 4 over to the neighboring town at 10 am where the kid's attend school because they were having an egg hunt. After the egg hunt we loaded up in the minivan to come home but going over the hill right near our house I ran something over causing my tire to just flatten instantly. I went ahead and just drove it the 1/8th of a mile to my house because I knew it probably wouldn't be fixable after exploding, it was not a gradual leak. After surveying the damage I told Alex she was going to have to play babysitter so mommy could fix it.

It took about a hour but I got'r done. Dave told me he'd put the spare on when he got home but there was an egg hunt at 1 pm that I wanted to just meet him at after work. There's no way we could have made it if he came home to fix it and I was too lazy to unload all the carseats and stick them in the Ram. I sent him cell phone pics as I was doing it and you could tell how excited he was that I, his wife, the mommy of his children, domestic house goddess, changed a tire on the van and he didn't have to. You can imagine how much fun bedtime was Saturday night. ;)

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Adam's Mom said...

yeah I'd rather give a BJ than change a tire LOL