Friday, March 21, 2008


My son, God bless him. lol I remember when I was in high school my older cousin Sean (who's not quite all there) asked me at my Dad's house "have you been saved?" My stepmother stepped in quickly responding "yes Sean, she's been saved." He was so relieved to hear that too. I thought it was comical being 16 and having someone just come out and ask something to that nature was just funny to me.
Dominic at his young age of 5 has become the most religious (vocal) person honestly I think I know besides people from our church. Remember all the issues we have had with Dominic? The past year we have been going to church it's almost been like the rage, anger, frustration has been pulled from his little soul. He's turned into this bright bubbly little boy and it's strange but awesome to see.
I used to compare him to boys from Nanny 911. He would throw, kick, scream, yell horrible things at everyone. He still has a hard time sharing and interacting with kids but he is not the bully he once was. At the playground last week some boys came up a bit older than him in which he yelled, "hey! Come play with me guys!!" He used to call everyone stupid, dummy, crap etc. Now those are all bad words. You can not say anything negative in our house without him saying that's a bad word and God doesn't like those words.
In public, I have to wonder what people think. We were at the grocery store the other day and Dominic was so happy telling everyone that Jesus is coming!!! They would all just smile at him. He is so excited for Jesus to come! He also lets everyone know that God sent his son and Jesus loves him. He makes a point to say it daily. He loves to pray, he loves to tell everyone what God created. He is one religious little guy. I find it strange, but certainly not embarrassing.


Sara said...

That is absolutely adorable! And how amazing that God has helped to soften his temper. I just loved this post. How awesome.

Wendy-MommyInTheKnow said...

I love this post too. It's so wonderful to see God move in your children's hearts, isn't it? To see their wonder as they learn what an awesome God we serve. It's so sweet that Dominic loves to pray. Lorelei does too. It's great to hear the "crazy" things she prays for. I am sure God gets a chuckle out of them. It's reminds me that His eye is on the sparrow and no problem is too small. After all, even the monkeys in the zoo need a prayer or two.

utmomof5 said...

I had a kid tell me that "Jesus is coming back" the other day. Where you in Utah? :) I assumed he was talking about Easter but I still thought it was so cute. Have a happy Easter!!


Kbreints said...

What a wonderful thing for a little boy. Amazing to see it in someone so young. Looks like church is having a positive impact!