Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AH HA! Evidence!

Well for about a week I have tried nearly daily for some sort of confirmation that I'm indeed pregnant. Five positive pregnancy tests, no period, and feeling like I need to eat all day or I feel sick was not enough evidence. I got it this morning. Although I didn't have a watch on me to time the heartbeat, I found a steady little quick beat with my doppler this morning slowly trying to come through the noise of the placenta. I listened for a good minute. Thank You God. I immediately called Dave working in which he said I ruined his day......he was just kidding though. ;) He says now we can tell people! We still haven't told anyone, well except I told 4 close Brownie mom friends. It finally feels somewhat real now!

Edit: I added a song to here, Blogger friend Jess, had introduced her fellow blog followers to Plumb awhile back and looking today for an updated version of God will take care of you thinking of this baby, I came across a Plumb rendition which is beautiful. I grew up listening to this old hymn at church and the past few nervewrecking weeks I've been really trying to put all my faith in God that he is going to provide for us once more and that our little bean is growing. I'm so glad today we finally got some proof that he/she is doing fine. This month has been extremely hard for me as we lost our baby 4 years ago around this time. I made it to nearly 12 weeks before I started spotting. The baby died mid March sometime yet I carried till late April. These two pregnancies are only weeks apart from each other.

I went to the dentist yesterday which is something I did 4 years ago. I didn't know I was pregnant then yet and did X-rays. Dave had been asking me to for a few days to cancel my appointment yesterday because for some reason we'll always wonder if the X-rays could have been a reason we lost that baby. It's a painful reminder. Anyways, I went, and told them NO X-Rays and got my teeth cleaned.


Lucia's Mom said...

great news! How many weeks are you? don't freak out if you don't hear it every time cuz I think it's still hard to find this early.

I also heard my LO hb on Monday (11w3d) but it took me 5 min to find it. I forgot how low it still is.

Angela said...

How exciting that you found the heartbeat! You must be so ready to spill the news.

Kbreints said...

That it is the most wonderful sound in teh world! That is great news!

Kristi Ann said...

awww...I am so happy for you!

I tagged you by the way!

Jena9286 said...

Congrats Sabrina. I understand your apprehension. Praying this will turn out the way you hope.

Jennifer said...

Awww! That's awesome that you can find it at home!

Crystal said...

I wouldn't have an indication that I was pregnant if I wasn't so freaking tired! I guess I should have had more faith and not sold my doppler on ebay. LOL.
Congrats on hearing that beat!

utmomof5 said...

YEA!! i am so excited for you, that first heartbeat is amazing to hear!!